9 May 2011

Hestia and..... the hospital

Well dear reader, the Big Day is almost upon me and I admit to being as nervous as a Lib Dem on Election night. 

I get my gallbladder removed on Thursday.

I am seriously hoping that the gallstones weigh about a stone so that I don't have to worry about any kind of weight-loss programme when I get out.

I'll be AWOL from blogland from Wednesday pm until I feel fit enough to tell you all about my sojourn and, if you are really unlucky, show you a picture of my gallstones. My lovely friend Di has suggested that I post them down to her and she fits french wires on to them to turn them into earrings.

I don't think that I've got any clothes that will go with gallstones....but we shall see.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that you should hear from me next week. If not....*shifts uncomfortably* well, let's not think about that, you WILL hear from me next week.

I am setting up a post to automatically blog on Thursday. Please take a look at it when it pops up, I've been saving it up for you for over a year.

How sad is that?  I love you enough to SAVE UP blog material for you. 

It concerns the Easter Story. 

Sonshine's version of it. 

Giant rabbits...s'all I'm sayin'.

See you all, hopefully, soon.

Ali xxxxxxx


  1. all the best dearest ali! i hope the stones are beautiful, sparkly and the right colour to go with everything!

  2. Good luck! Good luck! Good luck! Not that you need it - its such a simple op. My mum had it (after suffering for too long) and was so happy afterwards! Keeping fingers crossed, and will certainly check back for Easter story - sounds fab! Can't wait to see your new earrings!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Here's for a speedy recovery and lots of pampering whilst you're resting. A light breakfast in bed, no housework for at least a month and no lifting anything heavier than a glossy magazine.

    Earrings are a gross idea, put me off my banana that I was munching - yep multi tasking ha ha xxxx

  4. You'll be fine :) Clothes for gallstone earrings: trackie bottoms with stretched elastic waistband, plus worn out/faded football shirt, greasy unwashed hair in a scrunchie ...

  5. Bon Courage Ali and do hang on to your stones, it's amazing what you can sell on e bay these days.

  6. A bit of a polish in a tumbler, and they will look spectacular. Thinking of you.
    Wally xoxox

  7. Good luck, Ali! Can't wait to see those gallstone earrings.
    I was tidying up at my Dad's the other day and found his, I wasn't tempted. xxx

  8. I look forward to your Thursday post and don't worry, everything will be OK.
    As the colonials say down here "She'll be right"

    *eys narrow, brow furrows*

    And why, pray tell, are you not taking a laptop into hospital to continue with the posts?

    Be safe.

  9. Dahlink! I'm sure yours will be diamonds! I mean, they've got to be the hardest substance known to man given your diet LOL

  10. My hospital refused to let me have my gallstones after the op for "Health and Safety reasons" lol xxx

  11. Very best luck. Can't wait to see the sparkly gallstones and yes, I'd be hoping they weigh a ton too. Lesley x

  12. should we pass word on to JC to see if he'll pop by your ward?

    wishing you a speedy recovery, and hope it won't be too long before you dare try cake batter again xx

  13. Well, if you're not fussed on turning them into earrings, how about "early onset conkers" instead? I'm sure Sonshine will enjoy that one until you tell him what they really are. All the best.

  14. Sorry for the long absence again, and best wishes for Thursday, I think you will be fine, and on the plus side, healing uses calories so think how thin you will be minus those huge stones as well. Seriously I will be thinking of you xxx

  15. Dearest Ali, I'm thinking of you, you will be absolutely fine. Have a good rest.

    I think we should pimp up your gallstones with some Swarovski crystals! That would be cool. Love you xx

  16. Dear Ali,
    All the best with the op! As for the gallstones, be careful what you wish for. When I had my wisdom teeth out they gave them to me, still with shreds of flesh attached - ugh! Still, I like the suggestion above of shiny them up in a tumbler ;-) Can't wait to hear what you make of the NHS lol
    Hugs, Chloe

  17. Ali,
    Good luck with the op,been AWOL recently due to being mega busy .
    How about if the gall stones are big enough we make them into a set of clackers?x

  18. Dear Ali, thinking of you, hope you are soon back at home minus the stones, and hope this is a chance for you to rest, be pampered and catch up on some reading xxx

  19. Good luck Ali - I think a leopard print would go nicely with gall stone earrings!


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