13 Nov 2013

Hestia and NaKniSweMo...Day 12

So, it's taken me...what? 12 days to knit this - a sort of square rectangle - for a snood for Nero.

The observant amongst you will notice something quite significant about this bit of knitting what I have knat.  It's pink.

I started knitting a BLACK snood.

That one still looks like this:

And here it is, as modelled by its new owner.  

No pissing yourself laughing at the back, please.

I call this 'resigned humiliation'

That head is crying out for a Snood
And Flea powder.

Houston...we have a problem.....

I was grooming him the other day and spotted a tiny reddish-brown speck in his fur. Which I promptly lost sight of.  This can mean only one thing:  MY DOG HAS FLEAS!!!!!

THE SHAME is beyond even admitting to owning a Cliff Richard CD.  I don't, by the way.  But, it's a way to demonstrate the SHAME, the S H A M E of having a flea-ridden mutt.

I've had two Yorkshire Terriers, a Lhasa Apso and a permanently worried Alsatian and NONE of them EVER caught fleas.

There's NO WAY I'm putting my hard-won knitting onto a lousy wee head, cute thought it may be.

Tartarus is secretly quite delighted.  Fleas in the carpet is not something that I want and I've been hoovering like a woman with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder since I spotted the little bastard in his fur.

This afternoon we spent a happy hour lying on the bedroom office carpet together in a patch of sunlight. He slept and I literally went through his coat with a fine toothed comb.  And I found one.  And I caught it.  And I took it to my desk and mercilessly crushed it beneath my trusty pencil.

And I cast a glance towards the tiny squished corpse as I type this.

And it's not fucking there.........

Today I also had to hoover custard powder out of my fanny.  But that's a story for another day.


  1. You do lead an exciting life :) I had a flea problem with my GSD at one time - he swam in the pond where all the other dogs and their fleas swam. I found that crushing them does not help - the only way to be sure of killing the buggers is to cut them in half with your fingernail. I don't think that custard powder will do it :)

  2. "This afternoon we spent a happy hour lying on the bedroom office carpet together in a patch of sunlight. He slept and I literally went through his coat with a fine toothed comb. And I found one. And I caught it."

    at first i thought you were talking about you and tartarus. it sounded sort of cozy and romantic... until the fine-tooth comb bit.

    my mom's cat got fleas. it took her a long time of obsessive vacuuming before she got rid of them all. she HATES vacuuming. apparently she hates fleas even more.

    btw, the pink snood looks adorable.

    best of luck!

  3. Fleas are the WORST. We had a terrible flea infestation one summer that ultimately involved hiring a professional and having to move everything that sits on the floor in our house, off the floor so they could spray said floors. I love your snood! Our house is very cold in the winter, so I think my dog could benefit from one.

  4. The snood looks gorgeous! Beautiful contrast to his fur :) As for the fleas, with our cats we used to use a liquid we'd pour on the back of their necks once a month - worked a treat. Don't know if you can get something similar for dogs...

  5. yes, we use the ittle iquid ausue things too--ot easier than a that hoovering

    sorry my eyboard is broen

  6. oooh too cute.....but I am itching now!!!x


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