3 Nov 2013

Hestias NoKniSweMo - Day 2

Look, I know you're reading this with a sinking heart thinking ' surely to fuck she's not going to give us a day by day, blow by blow, stitch by stitch account of knitting a rectangle of ribbing?!'

Worry not, dear reader, I won't put you through that.  Although it's tempting.  If I'm suffering then I want YOU to suffer along with me.  But I shall be kind.  There shall be radio silence for a bit while I struggle through my project.

But here's the latest update before I go:

I have learned how to do the long-tail cast-on - properly, just using one hand and a needle.  Thanks to the great Yootube God. I am 50 years old and learned from a video that sounds like it was made by a 10 year old.

I have also learned that as a left-hander my plain and purl stitches are a bit wonky. Many blessings on the sainted Auntie Chrissie who bravely tried to teach me to knit as she chain-smoked her way through endless cartons of Capstan cigarettes.

But since these stitches are functional, and somewhat decorative, they are remaining unchanged for the duration of The Snood.

On the upside, I have found - at last - a toy that the dog loves to gurry and chew.

On the downside, it was my fledgling knitting.

The dog and I have now reached an understanding that if he so much as looks at my ball of wool, I will turn him into a greyhound shaped lollipop with a knitting needle up his arse.

I shall post a photo of the snood once I've completed it.

Also - the Whisky remains untouched.  The gin, on the other hand, is finished.


  1. Plain and purl are more or less the same stitch, with one backwards. You'll be alright (says the person who has been knitting the same cowl for approximately 3 months and has only done a third of it). Good luck!

    You can email me updates if you feel the need to share your pain!

  2. ROFLMAO @ "a greyhound shaped lollipop"

  3. :D I assume gurry is some kind of typo ? LOL

  4. "gurry"? is this some scottishism?

  5. Ah - right - another language issue! When a dog gurries something (in Glasgow only, perhaps) it's that thing they do when they GROWL and WORRY (shake) the item at the same time - gurry :-)

    1. it's perfect! i tend to do that with my thoughts, so that is a handy word to have around.

  6. Hooray for YooTube - I learnt the long-tail cast-on the same way :D At least the gurrying shows he likes it...

  7. I want a photo of a greyhound lollipop

  8. good luck...embrace your mistakes...... I like to think of them as a unique part of the pattern....am knitting a hot water bottle cover myself....oh the glamour!!!x


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