26 Dec 2011

Hestia's mystery Christmas present was.....

An ipad!!!!!

I had dared to hope that it might be a Kindle reader, but never in my wildest dreams did I believe that Tartarus would spring for an ipad!

Christmas Day was largely spent humphed over the router trying to work out how to get the damned thing onto the home network....but perseverence does overcometh all difficulties and soon I was downloading free books, apps and Sonshine and Tartarus had a jolly big fight over Angry Birds.

Tartarus did ALL the cooking. And all the washing up.  And he bought me an ipad - did I mention that?

And didn't Maggie Smith get all the best lines in Downton Abbey - I actually stifled a guffaw at one point, but then I had been drinking pink fizz all day and all sense of reason had pretty much left me by 9pm.

What about you - did you have a lovely day?

Tell me all about it *pops open another bottle of pink fizz and waits*


  1. What an excellent show by Tartarus. Well done that man.

    We had two Cat Piss Episodes, so the house now smells of bicarbonate of soda, vinegar, and washing powder - and still, cat piss. But my hands have never been cleaner. It's a good job she's been quite amusing with the catnip and going in the model boat box.

    We always have Bucks Fizz with breakfast on Christmas Day, then it's been very nicely downhill since then on the Madeira, port, sherry, Prosecco and red wine.

    Roast dinner round two is scheduled for 4pm so must get cracking!

    Happy Boxing Day from down "south"!

  2. well done, tartarus!

    we had a gigantic brunch at my family's home, followed by a short walk, followed by a gigantic supper at my mother-in-law's followed by a short walk, followed by downton abbey christmas special!

    oh mary! oh matthew!! took you bloody long enough but you didn't disappoint! and yes, maggie smith rocks. i do wish, however, that they'd stop with the random characters that keep popping out, doing strange things and popping off again. what do we care about lord crawley's sister's maid? nothing! that's what!

    merry christmas, darling ali!

  3. I don't watch the soaps anyway, but why would you watch such depressing stuff at Christmas? Downton on the other hand was fun, frolic and ... oh finally! What an uplifting antedote to all the rest of the rubbish.
    Oh and I got a breadmaker ...

  4. Allo Derling Hestia,
    Consuela here.

    ?Isn't my engleesh beter

    My lovely Tartarus as ben geeving me and leetle Jesus lessons.

    ?Ave you ceen my iPad

    My regalo de Navidad arreved, but it was a soocket set from Alfords.
    I theenk it is yours.
    ?Can yoo send my iPad.
    Jesus misses hees Angry Aves.
    Ope yoo all hed a love Navidad.

  5. An iPad?

    Well done Tartarus, and well done you. You certainly deserve it.

    I got an iPod and Sennheiser earphones from my Beloved, and a remote controlled helicopter from m'son, so I'm happy.
    Boys happy = Toys to play with.

    But let's go back to the iPad for a second.
    While it's undoubtedly a lovely present, it does seem a little out of Tartarus's expected behaviour profile.

    What makes a bloke buy expensive extravagant presents?


    What has he been doing to make him so guilty?

    Was the present labelled for you, or did it have Consuela scored out?

  6. Ali -

    Way to go, Tartarus! Way to go you! (Placing tape over Consuela's mouth to quiet her..)Peeking at card ... Definitely says "Ali"! :)

    What an incredible gift! Enjoy!


  7. Bonnie - I think Consuela must have managed to get into the country....perhaps there's only a ferry journey between us. Wish she would hurry up as the house is a mess :-)

    TSB - I like gizmos too. But I am feeling increasingly out of touch as I watch the Spotify 'how to use spotify' video....too many things to remember to do! I just want vinyl to come back into fashion - things were much easier then :-)

    Consuela and Jesus - aha! So - YOU got the Halfords present *stashes ipad safely upstairs*. We are very much looking forwards to your visit as I'm sure you will be keen to use the Dyson and try out our Pledge.... I've left the downstairs toilet for you to clean :-) And that had better be a random picture culled from the intertubes that you are using for your avatar.....

    MLB - a breadmaker? Show us some pix of the loaves! I'd love to be able to bake bread - but I can sell my loaves to Wimpey for house building purposes :-)

    And yes - Downton was lovely at the end!

    Polish Chick - Yes - that was all a bit random with the maid and the bounty hunting Havers after her fortune. She could maybe the man with the bad arm that Enid is keen on.

    Looby - two cat piss episodes? I can lend you Consuela for the cleaning up of cat pee. No - honestly you can have her. She comes with her own socket set :-)

    Merry Christmas chaps - it's been a lovely year with you all ((((hug))))

    Ali x

  8. Dear Ali, Happy Christmas and I am laughing so hard at the Consuela comment..do NOT let her get her hands on the iPad, the Halfords socket set is a perfectly good present, it will ensure she can plug in the Dyson anywhere.. xxxx

  9. Yay! Well done Tartatus, he does have some redeeming qualities after all :D

  10. Allo again mi querido,

    the sucket set was quit nice, but I wood like the ipad.
    ?Who is Dyson.
    ?Is he nice.
    I don take Pledge, tequila is two nice to givup.

    ?When is Tartarus comingback.
    He promis Jesus a new bike for Navidad, and he worry.

    No you rite, the pictur is my older sister, Conchita. She lives with us, an she like Tartarus too. She no as pretty is me.

  11. Oh my, T did good!!

    I got new posh jim jams, and baking stuff and a Mollie Makes subscription. Dave spent double the allowed amount of money, but I can't complain!

    We ate loads and watched dramatastic Christmas TV and drank wine. t'was lovely.

  12. Dear Alison, Has there been a more miraculous rising from the dead (figuratively speaking) since Easter Sunday? Tartarus has gone above and beyond! However, he has now set a very high bar for next year. Diamonds? Fast car? Trip to Paris? After Angry Birds get him onto Cut the Rope - super addictive! Lovely to hear you were treated like the Queen you are. love Lindaxxx

  13. So glad you had a good day. Mine involved everyone in M's family kindly eating the ridiculously dense baked cheesecake I meant and pretending they liked it. Which was lovely.

  14. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year dear Ali (I hope better late than never). Tartarus has come up with the goods alright! We are all MENTAL about Angry Birds here and my husband is DANGEROUSLY OBSESSED to the point where he will play for days just to get the three stars in one round....

    That acquisitive slut Consuela should have her own blog - I, for one, would be agog to Know All but I don't suppose Tartarus would allow it - LOL! xxx


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