14 Dec 2011

Hestia and the high winds (does not refer to flatulence)

No, this has got nothing to do with that other posting that I made about the flatulence reducing underwear.

Monday night I was supposed to be out and about with some girlfriends in Glasgow, hanging around the bohemian haunts of Glasgow University and quaffing oodles of chilled white wine and inhaling gorgeous food at The Left Bank.

But the weather put paid to all that.

I had been regularly woken during the night by the wind howling in the chimney and the rain lashing against our windows so hard that there was a drip SOMEWHERE on the window frame.  I tossed and turned...worrying about whether the ferries would be running in the morning.

And, of course, they weren't.

They didn't run at all on Monday because the weather was so utterly foul.

I had a petted lip and a bad temper that was somewhat assuaged by the fact that the girls cancelled the dinner ANYWAY because they didn't fancy being out and about in it much either.

So, today, to make up for missing out, Tartarus took me to Loch Fyne Osyter Bar.  A forty-five minute drive (and a miniscule ferry journey too).

That's the restaurant up there.  And the car park is NEVER that empty - not even today when the wind and rain would have blown a hole through you.

And here's a link to find out more about the Nice People At Loch Fyne - if you're in the area and thinking of popping in for a spot of seafood malkarky.  I can thoroughly recommend the smoked mussels from the shop *Homer Simpson drool*

We were the first customers through the doors (as ever) and were escorted to a neat little corner table where we watched the weak wintery sun trying to fight its way through the ever-darkening storm clouds over of rose. I pretended that I was in Spain and not Darkest Argyll.

Today's Specials!

Maybe too much of a slant on this arty photo but that's the bar.  It's built like a viking longboat.  Neat, eh?

Then we ordered two plates of these.  One each.  Obviously.

These were six plup grilled oysters served with creamy cheese and pancetta melted over the top.
Yeah, I pretty much inhaled these.

As you can see, I had snaffled two before I remembered to get my camera out of my handbag.

This was a poached smoked haddock fillet - and it was the softest, creamiest, saltiest thing EVER.  With potatoes and grated cheese.  It was divine.

This is the fairly mollocated remains of Tartarus's salmon risotto.  It was damned tasty.

And then we came home and went to the Co-op for our weekly shop *sigh*  

It's all high falutin' stuff with me.  

Have YOU had any nice lunches out for Christmas yet?  Tell me alllllllll about it!


  1. That's a restaurant I would starve to death in. Except maybe for the smoked haddock.

  2. No nice lunches yet, but i did have some grilled double lamb chops from our locally reared flock last night, served with minted peas and colcannon. If I ever make it to Bute, I want to go there, hint hint.

  3. Wally - if you ever make it to Bute, I'll make a point of taking you.

    Viv - and just for a laugh, I'll take you too *snicker* and you can watch us eating. Only joking, they do steaks and stuff too :-D

    Ali x

  4. Ali, I've BEEN THERE! It was YEARS ago, before I even got to know you! :)

    But it is LUSH, LUSH, LUSH! *does another Homer Simpson Drool*

  5. Well, that is now on the 'places to take Dave' list. He loves seafood.

    On Saturday Dave and I went for a spot of Christmas shopping, and he took me to lunch at T Ann Cake which is a lovely, cosily stylish wee independent cafe in Dundee. I could happily live there. They have bunting and red things ans pompoms and fairlylights.

  6. My husband and I love the Loch Fyne Oyster Bar so much we went there after we got married in Inverary. Sadly I can no longer eat shellfish so I always have the salmon ashet (a plate of true deliciousness) and sigh over my husband's oysters!

  7. I've never had oysters. Or lobster. I so want to! Love the sound of those mussels with chorizo on the Specials board, mmmmm!
    No Christmas lunches for me till the day itself. Frequent coffee mornings and cake though. And I'm managing to fit in some boozing. Is that good enough?! xxx

  8. Oh no! I have just scoffed two oaty biscuits with my tea and then read this. I tried my first oysters at Loch Fynne, Bath. They are truly lovely. I would rather have eaten this for lunch than biscuits. (Got the munchies now).

  9. The mighty font of culinary knowledge that is Jane Grigson mentions LF in her book British Food. Long before the local food revival was all the range, LF were one of the very few trying to put proper seafood back onto Scottish plates.

    I absolutely LOVE it in there.

  10. Looby - it's lovely, isn't it. The food's always FAB.

    Bella - don't worry, I'm scoffing a kitkat and coffee even as I type this. The oysters are a rare occurrence. It's mainly mince and biscuits in here!

    Pastcaring - coffee mornings and cake?! What's not to love?! I think I'll have a coffee morning before Christmas. And I'll make pancakes!!! Brilliant idea.

    Caroline - you can no longer eat oysters?! Oh no - that must be awful - was it a late onset allergy or something?

    LM - Dave will LUFF it. But make sure that the Rest and Be Thankful is not closed due to landslides before you set off.....

    Louise - yep, it's a fab place for a special lunch!

    Ali x

  11. I've heard of Loch Fyne oysters, but never tasted one. I'm sorry, but they look too much like a dod of snot for me to try one.

    I do like (and miss) smoked haddock. There's a little seafood resteraunt just north of Arbroath called the But'n'Ben which does a gorgeous smoki pie. Rich, creamy and wonderfully filling.

    What a lovely way to end a romantic evening with a visit to the Co-op. I hope you thanked Tartarus properly?

  12. blimey!! knowing Loch Fynne only as a place on the side of a packet of fine produce I really really want to go there now...top tip: co-op fairtraide brownies are divine and their dark chocolate with dried cranberries is worth fighting through any storm for!! xx

  13. I'm so sorry your trip was cancelled (I'm thinking of Father Ted's visit to the Mainland here - at least you didn't have to spend a night in the cells!). That restaurant looks very nice, and I love the boat bar- cheers! xxx

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