9 Dec 2011

Hestia and...... The Gruffalo

The second part of Julia Donaldson's travelling exhibition arrived at the library last week - and it was worth the wait!

Not only did it have some loooovely illustrations from kids' books that I hadn't seen before, but it had THE GRUFFALO!

First of all, let me lead you round this week's exhibits....

This is the original front page painting for Room On The Broom!

Loved this - hadn't seen the book before  'The Dinosaur's Day'

Loved these little pencil sketch snails!

We luff our Gruffalo - look at all the copies of the book we've got!

Couldn't get to see these as close as I would have liked as they were in the Librarian's area and I think they may have thought I was going to make off with all the Library Book Fine Money.  Which I might, but given that most of it is generated from MY FINES, I think it would have been ok for me to do that.

And here is the star of the show.  

With his terrible claws on his terrible toes and his nobbly knees and his green warty nose


Which reminds me - Tartarus is back in the bosom of his family for Christmas - a great relief all round.  Especially in light of yesterday's horrendous weather.  A sample of which can be seen here at Largs, just across the water from us.

How are YOU all after the storms?  Or did you escape them?!  Tell all!


  1. I Looove Room on the Broom. Not sure I can recite it all from memory any more but I could a few years ago :D

  2. My youngest got quite excited after consulting her Beaufort Scale and saying that if the winds were at the top end of what was predicted, there would be "uprooted trees". I said we'll go up the park and watch trees sailing by. But in the end there was a bit of mild branch snapping that was it. Not as bad here as up there.

  3. So, I take it you went accompanied by a bag rather than a bored and stroppy pre-teen? Glad you enjoyed the second part of the exhibition - lovely to see it all in the original, with sketches and such. I really like getting a feel for an artist's process, especially as I have no personal experience being as artistic as a toad :b
    Windy but not ridiculous here, glad you're ok!

  4. Glad you enjoyed the Gruffalo.
    Did Tartarus and Sonshine accompany you? or did you manage to leave them at home.

    As regards the winds. Nope. Didn't even get a wee breeze.

    Mind you that video of Largs makes it look like Florida in a hurricane.
    I saw on the 'net that Largs is still there.


    Apart from Luvians that is.

  5. I love the Gruffalo, but The Gruffalo'S Child and Stick Man are my favourites. In school and now with my small charges, I always make them show me where Stick Man is in the Gruffalo's Child. Donaldson is VERY good at continuity!

  6. glad you survived the hoo-ha!! Fab illustrations what a rare treat!!x


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