18 Nov 2010

Hestia and YOU....and Children in Need!

Sonshine looking cute - go on donate £5

Tomorrow, Friday 19 November is Children in Need night on the BBC.  This worthwhile charity raises money for children's projects all over the UK and, again, some of TABI's wonderful Tarotists are planning to make your giving experience a bit more exciting!

I'm offering m'blog readers the opportunity to donate money direct to Children in Need and also to get yourself a Tarot reading into the bargain!

Over the course of the weekend (starting from tonight!) you can make a donation at TABI's justgiving page and have yourself a Tarot reading from me.

At the moment I'm the Chairman of the Tarot Association of The British Isles.  This is my fourth, yes, read my parched lips, FOURTH year on the plush red velveteen throne and I need YOU to help TABI's fundraising efforts break our £180 ceiling from last year

Since we started our justgiving pages, fellow Tarotists and supporters have donated over £1,117.00 for several good causes - including the Red Cross in Haiti.

So, what do you need to do?  Go to this page: http://www.justgiving.com/TABITarotreadings and make your donation (see below for prices of readings) and when donating, please say that it is via Hestia's Larder (helps with the admin later on!)

I am offering:

£5 for a 140-character Twitter reading (it will probably be longer than that, but it's a mathematical challenge lol!)

£15 - for a 3-card reading - delivered via e-mail or FB messaging, whichever you prefer.

£50 - 10 card Celtic Cross (the most popular standard big spread reading!) - again via e-mail or FB

£60 - 12 card Wheel of the Year (covers your next 12 months!)

Of course, you don't need to have a reading, you can just help us bust through our £180 total raised last year by making your donation via that justgiving page.  That money goes straight to the charity and is not in TABI's coffers at any stage.

Well - here we go guys!  I really hope that you can support Children in Need this year!  Bring It On!!!  Donate your cash or the teddy gets it.....


  1. Great cause Ali look forward to my reading xx

  2. Legend - thank you so much for your donation, you kind man! E-mail me for a reading £10 will net you a reading!!!

    Ruth brilliant - e-mail me your question on admin.alison@tabi.org.uk

    Thank you so much for helping us support Children in Need!

    Keep it coming everyone!

  3. Just realised I forgot to leave a note with my donation that is through this website, but you know right?
    Do I need to do anything for the three card reading?

  4. We raised £307.00 on the night, plus the justgiving people also collect tax back - which takes us up over £350.00

    Thank you so much everyone who donated and also to the wonderful volunteers who gave up their time to give tarot readings!

    Ali x


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