14 Nov 2010

Hestia loves....Barber's Adagio for Strings

Could do with a bit of a Persil wash, eh?
OK - so call me a hormonally challenged old fart, but I have been obsessed with Barber's Adagio For Strings ever since the spiritually aware Willem Dafoe character bit the dust in a most Christlike way in Platoon to this music.  To be honest, I think that lots of directors are equally obsessed with it using it - Michael Moore has used it in four of his documentaries somewhere!

I find that the music, coupled with the words of Max Ehrmann almost unbearably moving and so, I'm popping it onto Hestia's page to show you that I'm not all swear words and fanny waxes.

I have *pauses for dramatic effect* a poet's soul.....

Actually I must be honest and tell you that I typed 'poet's soup' there.  That's actually a LOT more honest.  I have a poet's soup :-)

Enjoy. Take your mascara off to watch it.  I'm talking to YOU Legend :-)


  1. This was completely unknown to me so thanks for the link.

  2. I loved that thank you Ali. I know you have been at my place tonight but try and check out the post about the medium that I know as I think it may just be up your street ..with the tarot etc xx

  3. Beautiful. Has the same sort of effect on me that 'Nimrod' has when it's played on remembrance Sunday.

  4. Very calming.Just what I need today.

  5. I'd sit with my Granda Read (Mom's Dad) by the fire in his colliery house and listen to this full blast on the old wind up gramaphone. He'd be wrapped in his blankets with an embroidery hoop in his hands, eyes shut, until the needle reaching the end of the record would jolt us both back into the present, and I'd have to change sides. He suffered from Pneumoconiosis (black lung) and was only a few years older than I am now. I can't listen to this without tears filling my eyes.

  6. Dear Ali, it's an absolutely beautiful piece of music. I love it and loved the messages.

    I agree with all of it but I shall I have to try harder not to glaze over whilst listening to anyone ignorant or dull. I'm not sure I have the attention span to agree to that bit!

    Hope you're good. I'm off to Fee's later to do life laundry on her house! We'll have fun while we're doing it at least! xx

  7. oooh all weepy now...but in a good way...good luck with the writing!!

  8. No, Arial will take that out at an eco-friendly 15 degrees ....

  9. Beautiful, as Northern Snippet said just what I needed after today.
    On a lighter note to lower the tone read about vajazzel, maybe this would compliment your new 'hair do'?

  10. Utterly gorgeous. It makes me cry every time!


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