6 May 2010

Hestia's favourite Downfall

More video WWII shenanigans, but this time from Adolf himself. There is a whole channel devoted to these parodies, but YouTube have been instructed to take them down.

Good luck with that one, Youtube!

Catch 'em before they disappear to Vimeo. Check out the one about Susan Boyle not winning Britain's got talent and also the one called, I think, Hitler phones the Call Centre.  I can't, for the life of me, find the original parody that I watched.....it's one of the ones where Hitler finds out that he is being parodied on YouTube.



  1. Why in the heck does it make sense to me that the parodies should reman? ;-)

  2. They are hilarious. However, I have realised that I must look like a WWII obsessed anti-Nazi...what with my Armstrong and Miller film and now this.

    Just wait until I get Springtime For Hitler loaded up.....

    Ali x

  3. The Springsteen one is the best one!


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