26 May 2010

Hestia says - enhance your life with fainting goats

This should give you a smile for Wednesday.

Ali x


  1. Hilarious - but what happens when they're in the wild? Muscle spasms aren't much use if you're being chased by a predator are they? Maybe that's why the fainting goats live on a farm in Florida.

    I like the glamorous lady owner!

  2. Oh that is hysterical, I love goats they are so feisty, we have loads of goats round us, but I have never seen any of them faint. The ones that hang out on the top of trees in Morocco are quite something too.

  3. I am laughing and sad for them at the same time!

    Thanks for that, I needed it. I have spent the last 3 hours sewing again...

  4. It does seem a bit of a useless genetic tic, doesn't it? Fainting. It's not like the lion will just leave you alone if you keel over and act dead!

    TNMA - I agree, that's why they live on a farm in Florida and not on the plains of Africa ;-)

    Dash - will need to look out for tree climbing Moroccan goats - they sound fab!

    LM - put the embroidery down. Step AWAY from the embroidery hoop....

  5. You know when something just tickles your funny bone, well this did it, nearly fainted laughing. Just what the doctor ordered. Thanks for sharing, brilliant.


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