16 Oct 2013

Hestia does Lahndahn...in numbers

The sitting room.  Yep, Sonshine is on-line already!
90 - the number of minutes our flight took off from Glasgow, late
90 - unfortunately, the number of minutes we got to Glasgow, early, to catch said flight.
60 - the number of minutes we tootled into central Lahndahn on the underground from Heathrow
303 - the number of our 2-bed appartment which was EXCELLENT
10 - the time I went to bed, fizzing with excitement about speaking at the UK Tarot Conference.

Where I tossed and turned all night.  Before I got into bed.

5 - of the a.m - how long I lay in bed, tossing and turning, worrying about speaking at the Conference.
8 - am - the time I left the flat to go to the Conference
8.20am - the time I arrived at the Conference centre to find, unsurprisingly, that I was a tad early
12.50 - the time my 40 minute presentation began
40 - the number, in minutes, that my finely honed presentation ran to! *high fives everyone reading*
6 - the number of additional hand-outs that I will need to e-mail to people because we DID NOT HAVE ENOUGH *high fives the reader AGAIN!!*
4 - the number of new decks that I am home with as a result of attending the Conference
eleventy-gazillion - new friends made at the Conference
1 pm - the time that we had arranged to meet blogging friends, Legend (aka Wally Bell) and Jo for lunch at the Dickens Inn on Sunday

Sonshine, Hestia and Legend.  Photo by Tartarus.  He doesn't believe in 'filling the frame'

 Sadly, think that the weather might have put off Jo (it was tipping it down) so we'll just have to organise to meet her the next time we're down!

3 - the number of hours spent in the delightful company of Legend
2 - the number of bottles of home-made wine that he brought us.
1 - the number of bottles of home-made wine that we brought all the way home
1 - the number of bottles of Wally's wine that we scarfed down on Sunday night
75 - the number of pounds required to visit Mme Toussauds in London
3 - the number of minutes spent debating whether it would be good value
3 - the number of unexpected hours that I spent in the V&A because the decision had been found not in favour of Mme Toussaud.
185 - the number of pounds spent on 3 tickets for Spamalot
1 - heart attack incurred by Tartarus when I fessed up the ticket price
2 and a bit - hours of fantastic fun that is Spamalot
8 - number of crows RAVENS (must have had a brain fart whilst typing - thanks for pointing out my error, Viv!) at the Tower of London

100 - number of smudge marks my sweaty little fingers and breath makes on the glass case as I edge my way around the State Crown admiring the jewels.  And no, you cannot get diamonds TOO big.
5,000 number of calories ingested at the Kensington Creperie.  Each.  Ice-cream to DIE for, lemme tell you.

Sonshine modelling the 'I can't eat another thing, but I'll give this a good shot' at Kensington Creperie!

uncountable - the number of good laughs we had in our 4 days in London
unknown - the time it will take me to save up enough to return.

I looooooove London!


  1. I love the "by the numbers" approach! But 75 pounds to get into the wax museum? Whoa! For that price, you should be able to eat the statues.

    1. That's pretty much what we felt too! And there was a queue like an execution outside it and we just thought 'naaaaaah' let's hit the museums instead :-D

  2. I believe the Tower is famous for its *ravens*. Which quoth nevermore :D

    1. You are absolutely right - they are ravens - and they are ginormous. I don't know why I called them crows lol! I'd better go and edit that :-D

    2. Ah, they're all corvidae, don't be so picky ;D

  3. Meeting you was worth the trip alone. xx

    1. Ditto! Such a pity that Jo couldn't make it - but the weather did get a bit crap, didn't it?

      You will be pleased to hear that you have a new fan in Tartarus. The wine was absolutely beautiful - but I have to add water to it otherwise my head starts throbbing just looking at it!! Hope you got home safe and sound! Did your friends enjoy the Eastern meal that you prepared for them?

    2. I knew there was a reason I liked you, Wally :) x

  4. Great article! Total envy! Glad the presentation went well. The price for Mme. Tussaud's has definitely gone up in 30 years (duh!). The Tower is always worth it, though. How long does it take to come back down emotionally from the big city? Since you live so remotely, it must be a bit of withdrawal...well, the wine may provide some transitional compensation.

    1. It does feel a bit odd to be home and away from all the hustle and bustle of London. The choices available to you in London are just so fantastic - right outside our accommodation - freshly prepared Japanese food, mexican burritos and KFC. Inside the train station was a stall that sold vegetables that we don't get on the island! I am missing London quite a bit! BUT on the other hand - last night was so quiet that I slept like a log! I could see the moon and stars BUT best of all - I got Nero back!

  5. Bazillions of thank yous for each and every time you post. Bazillions of millions.

  6. So glad you had a good time! I adore London (my OH lives there when he's not working in New York) and I'm spending 3 of the next 4 weekends there (it's cheaper when you have friends spare rooms/sofas to crash on). The V&A is glorious but for me the British Museum comes in a tied first place with the Wellcome Trust's museum. Both completely different but both intensly fascinating (if you go again).
    Anyway, enough rambling. K x

    1. We had a quick look around The British Museum the last time we were there - was that really 2 years ago?! I am slowly but surely working out that you need to just focus on a little bit of it every time you visit :-D Not been to the Wellcome Trust Museum, must look that up - thank you for the recommendation!!

  7. *high five*
    I love your London. I did not go to Toussaud's in NY for the same reason - $30?! It cost less to walk around the Met for six hours AND get a cup of tea and a biscuit. I am SO JEALOUS you saw Spamalot. I am assuming I should visit the Creperie when there next?

  8. I would loooooove to go to the Met!!!

    I do recommend the Creperie (as would Sonshine). The food isn't fancy - indeed the photos that come up on the tv 'advertising' screen look a bit 70s! But as far as taste goes - it's totally yummy! http://www.kensingtoncreperie.com/

  9. Gosh, I live here and haven't been to half those places! Glad you had such a fab time, Ali, and it was great to have a bit of a catch-up at the conference. Now, I must go and try out that Kensington Creperie... *tootles off intent on a calorie overload* :D


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