10 Jul 2023

Botanical Art at Bute Yard

My sketches


 I will be 60 next month and while it simultaneously makes me feel panicky AF and also grateful that I've had 60 years above the soil, I'm now throwing myself into Doing Stuff That Makes Me Happy Before It's Too Late.

One of these events took place last Wednesday at a new venue here on the island, Bute Yard. It's a big cool hanger of a space with professional kitchens, oodles of space (for your wedding or crime fiction festival lol!) and a small piece of it was hived off behind a couple of dividers for 12 of us to do this Botanical Art workshop event.

It was my lovely friend Ruth Slater who was running the event - excellent professional artist who lives locally - and she had laid out the two long tables with absolutely everything that we would need to master painting a sprig of Lavender and a sprig of Rosemary - nib pens, Indian ink, paint, brushes, paper - the full nine yards.

Isle of Bute Gin were also involved in the event and we were each greeted with a very lovely French Martini on arrival - which helped the creative juices flow no end! And half way through we were given a lovely Gin & Tonic which kept us feeling boho and arty until 9pm and home time. 

Bute Yard - it's BIG, isn't it?  We were at a couple of tables up at the top. Close to the bar. Of course. 

Here we are, nursing our French Martinis and practicing our penwomanship!

Fancy Indian Ink fun and my little bit of Rosemary.

Our half-time G&Ts being set up on the bar - hooray! 

Look at this beautiful work from Ruth with her memories of Spring - isn't it gorgeous? 

And this is also by Ruth - her Autumn study work. 

Getting the sketching done and preparing to mix some colours and bring it all to life!

My Rosemary

My Lavender

So here are the pix of the event. It was a lot of fun and the first time that Bute Yard has done something like this. It won't be the last though - I'm also signed up for a tapestry workshop too at the end of the month.

Hoping for more gin, of course!

Also wtf is going on with the formatting here?! Anyone got any ideas?! 

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