17 Dec 2012

Hestia succumbs....50 Shades!

I went to the local book shop today and have come home with this:

Dear Reader, have I succumbed?  Has the lure of masochistic sex been just too much for a poor Household Goddess to resist?  Have I run out of books on Theology and Philosophy? Are things getting hot and steamy here on Olympus - and I'm not talking about a condensation problem or leaving the iron plugged in, yanno?

Get real :-D

The box is full of this:

Food porn.  The only kind worth bothering about.

I'f I'm not back on here before Christmas, I wish you one and all a wonderful day - whatever you are doing!


  1. Oh thank goodness - you had me worried for a moment LOL

  2. Ali -

    I fainted at least three times before I got to the end of this post! ;-)

  3. I thought things were getting desperate on Bute for a minute.

  4. Great laugh over this one. Food porn! Happy Christmas holidays, Hestia!

  5. ho ho ho.......and yum.......a very merry christmas!!x

  6. What a relief--I held you in higher estimation than someone who'd read that rubbish.

    Happy Christmas to you too Hestia, and may you enjoy all your porn.

  7. I just spat out my tea laughing.

    I love you Ali!! x

  8. Ah, those look like the taster cupcakes for your lovely Christmas ones - do they taste as amazing as they look? :)


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