21 Sept 2012

Hestia...has a T&M competition!

A perfectly formed Hestia

T&M isn't a 21st century version of S&M.

Or even M&S.

Although if you're a keen gardener, there's no denying that their catalogues do offer the finest gardening porn you can get your hands on without incurring the wrath of the Church or social services.

T&M are, of course, Thompson & Morgan, experts in the garden since 1855.

I was chatting with Ania and Viv about stuff last week and Ania pointed out that there was a little bean available called Hestia.  I was suddenly struck by inspiration and jotted off a missive (well, a facebook message anyway) to the good folks at T&M.....would they like to help me with a little competition?

Reader, even when I sent them links to some of my outstanding gardening failures such as thisthis, or this they still kept smiling and promised to post me some packets of lovely little Hestia!

And they were as good as their word! The packets arrived a day later!!

So if you would like the Non-Domestic Goddess's Domestic Goddess seeds in your very own garden, all you have to do is enter the competition!  Easier to enter than to actually write that last sentence lemme tell you.

'How splendiferous! How do I win m'self a packet of Hestia?' I hear you hyperventilate, overwrought with excitement and barely able to contain yourself - is a stress wee imminent?

It's easy - all you have to do is 'like' the Thompson and Morgan page on Facebook or sign up for their newsletter (find the link here) and then send me the best picture of your very own garden or your best TRUE gardening story - by e-mail  *looks sternly at TSB, Legend and Looby*  The address for me here at Mount Olympus is over there on the right hand column.

Of course, the word 'best' is very subjective - it could be a photo of your kids sitting in muck, it could be your prize-winning dahlias, it could be your dog decimating your vegetable patch, you as a child peeing in the strawberry bed back in the good old days when that was regarded as a healthy addition to the soil.  It could be a story that dates back aeons to when you were small, or something that happened to your own kids....all I'm looking for is to be royally entertained!

I'll pick the 6 entries that tickle my fancy the most.

Good luck - can't wait to see your pix!

....oh yeah, the closing date is 5 October 2012 - so still plenty of time to get a photograph taken!

PS - it will be up to YOU to check with your country's postal prohibitions or restrictions whether I am able to post seeds to you :-)


  1. Dearest Hestia, very droll, as always! Good luck with the Dahlias. Haven't tried them. I am also having a sort of "invasion" of my garden (or "yard" as they call them here in the USA), but it's not concrete, thankfully. Husband has gone all veggie-fied and keeps wanting to take more of the lawn for his vegetable garden. Actually, this is a good thing; Americans have too much lawn anyway. But you don't want to know about the fire ants...

    1. I DO want to know about the fire ants!!! And you could win a packet of beans simply by telling me lol!

      Ali x

    2. oops - son has obviously left himself logged in and I've accidentally posted as him! Sorreeee!

  2. The gauntlet has been cast down with a thud. game on.

    1. ignore that sour faced icon that belongs to my son.

      Gauntlet received!!!!!! :-D

  3. Love the post, though I'll decline on the seed front - I have black thumbs when it comes to gardening and leave all things green to my Dear One. I'm the type that can kill a cactus, or an orchid, which are a lot hardier than they are made out to be!

    I'll stick to cooking and knitting - not that I'm great at either, but at least I'm not disastrous ;D

    1. Oh you must have a photo of Big Boy in the garden or something - HE could do the planting of the beans and you could see whether he takes after you or his dad lol!

  4. Wow, the Hestia Bean!

    Sounds quite exotic.

    1. So many jokes I could make there....but am resisting the temptation :-D

      TSB - you must have some gardening related horror you can share?!



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