9 Jan 2012

Hestia's 2012 - so far a bit shit

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!  And welcome to Hurricane Bawbag II!!!

So here's how it's been so far, in numbers:

72 - hours without power.  We were not so badly off because we have a gas hob and a gas fire, but many people who were all electric had nothing hot to eat or drink during that time unless kind neighbours took pity on them.  Not everyone has kind neighbours though.

Tartarus fired up the generator, but with limited access to fuel (petrol pumps need power to pump!) it was still achingly demoralising to look out over the darkened streets. On the upside - there was no light pollution which was nice, up to a point. 

......and I wonder why we don't have sex any more.....
See? Not even too brilliant from my pov either!

1 - soup kitchen set up in the Pavilion on Thursday evening - at last! - for the vulnerable and aged. But given that the power actually came back on to the island on Thursday evening, it was a case of a little too late.  There better be some sort of public inquiry about how we handled last week's events.  

3 - telephone calls from the office over weekend to ask Tartarus to return to work...NOW!  He left at 8am this morning.  I was still in my pjs when I drove him down to the ferry terminal.  I have no pride.  Also, I will have one unhappy little bunny living with me for the next few days.

1 - lost silver bangle.  No idea when I lost it.  Sometime over hte last week.  I wear it all the time, but on the same wrist as my watch, so didn't realise that it was gone until I forgot to put my watch on last Wednesday.  Been searching and searching.  Feel sad about it, but also remember that Tartarus found the missing engagement ring, so maybe when he comes back in March, it might turn up.  I hope it does.

**** news flash - it HAS turned up!  It has been languishing at my friend's house since Boxing Day.  Sadly, they thought that it was something from a Christmas Cracker and I am crossing my fingers that it has not been binned along with the other wee bits of tat that come from crackers.  Also, that's a licence to buy a BETTER bangle, don't you think? If your pals think it's from a CRACKER, then SURELY I should buy a better one? ****

1 - LEGO Millennium Falcon purchased in Glasgow with Christmas money given to Sonshine.  He was with his father when he bought it as I would have kicked up a huge fuss about spending that amount of money on a bit of lego.  

1 - AC/DC Exhibition in Glasgow - actually LOADS better than I thought it would be.  The Dr Who Exhibition was a fiasco and I expected this one to be 'fan's waistcoat, circa 1975' kind of thing, but there were lots of letters to read, interviews to listen to and, of course, lots of excellently noisy back catalogue blaring away.

Place was full of Gentlemen of a Certain Age, standing staring at the massive concert screen with a wistful expression and very old AC/DC tour t-shirts on...  

Tartarus can't remember if he was at this gig.  Which probably means he was ......

Check out the ticket prices - all the way up to £2.00!!!!!!

Bon Scott's leather jacket.  Am SO getting one for Sonshine -
 he'll look like one of the Ramones with his skinny black jeans too!
3 - nights in Glasgow.  Oh the luxury of hitting a light switch and being bathed in electrical light!  Hot radiators!!  TV!!! Sadly, the internet connection in our rented accommodation wasn't working, so I could only log on if I went back into the main building and perched on the staircase with my laptop.  Not very comfortable nor private.

Driving through the streets of Greenock as we headed to Glasgow on Thursday evening, there seemed to be quite a lot of evidence of storm damage.  But in Greenock you can never be sure whether it's storm damage or just vandalism.  We decided that it was probably storm damage as the weather had been too bad, even for the most determined antisocial sods.

0 - good night's sleep had. Tartarus had a rotten cough. So did Sonshine.  On last night in Glasgow I gave up and tried to sleep on the sofa.  Using two jackets as a blanket.  It was a two-seater sofa.  Not comfortable.  Woke up with so many zip imprints and seam imprints on my face I made Keith Richards look good.

1 - 3D movie - Puss in Boots.  It was ok.  Tartarus fell asleep during it.  That's your review, right there.

It's been a strange start to 2012.  Mother Nature reminding us forcibly that she's REALLY in charge and that really, we are pretty puny in the face of 100 mile an hour winds.  

Worst of all, one of Tartarus's friends has discovered my blog.  Now, while I don't mind bearing my short-comings to you, dear reader, it's a bit different if people that know Tartarus start reading it.  It is not my intention to embarrass him in front of his friends....and now I don't know what to do.  

Tartarus hasn't asked me to delete it, but I think he'd prefer it.  I never thought that 2012 might kick off with me having to give up m'blog.....but I might have to.  What would you do if you were me?


  1. Brave it out. We know that Tartarus is not sensitive. Or observant. So he can't get all aerated about this blog now. xx

  2. What Vivianne said. If you really love blogging, you shouldn't have to give it up. My kids read my blog and usually no one gets upset.

  3. Nooooooooo! Don't delete the blog. You just said you have no shame - prove it! :D

  4. Do not under any circumstances delete your blog.
    That is an order.
    I had a wobbly moment when someone I work with quoted something from my blog at me this summer, but I let it go. In the end, I figured I don't write anything of sufficient importance to worry who reads it. My dad found it by accident and was merely puzzled.
    My brother, or so he claims, found my books on Amazon by accident...a likely story.
    keep on keeping on, me dear!

  5. What Ribbit and Ania said: don't delete it! :)

    It is hard to tell in Greenoch, but at least it's not say, Cumbernauld! If Tartarus wants anything deleted, you can edit it out later on :)

  6. Oh no you can't stop blogging, that would be too terrible. Your blog makes me laugh - even on really bad days at work!!! If you must, start a new blog & hide your identity. Or can you block him? ha ha. please don't stop writing, I love your blog - it's my little ray of sunshine xxx

  7. you can't stop...but you could go a bit domestic and see if you can't shake off this person in a there's-nothing-of-interest-here-for-you kinda way??. But please don't stop!!x

  8. Don't stop blogging! If Tartarus gets a bit grumpy offer to start a different blog on condition you get the best silver bangle that money can buy. x

  9. Stop blogging at your peril. I'll organize an "Occupy Hestia's front door" if you do. I'd just block him from reading it.

  10. don't stop. then again, if my mother found my blog, i'd have to go to ground and re-emerge elsewhere. still, it ain't as bad as all that. people lead busy lives and likely he'll forget it soon enough. and if not, tough noogies.

  11. I ave just read your blog for the first time today and hope I am not too late to tell you not to delete the blog! I am loving it. I read a book about a blog le petite anglaise and I wondered if anyone else blogged and here you are!

  12. Hmm, it's a tricky one, when real life and blog life overlap. There are definitely people I haven't told about my blogging because I think they wouldn't get it, but I suppose you can't help it if someone who knows you stumbles across it by chance.
    I don't think I would stop though - and I hope you won't. Do you think T's mate will read your blog regularly? I have found that very few of my "real life" friends read mine on a regular basis, they might bob in now and again, but they mostly aren't that bothered - they have enough of me on a day-to-day basis, I think!
    Vix's suggestion is a good one - if T really wants you to stop, you deserve a FABULOUS new bangle as a pay off, and then start a new blog. And email all your readers privately to tell us what it is, so no nosy mates find out!
    PS. Heard about the lack of power on the radio, thought of you - sorry it was shitty!
    PPS. Head torch sex - there's a bedroom toy I hadn't ever considered before! xxxxx

  13. Ali, DO NOT, under any circumstances delete your blog. You really do make me laugh (and cry sometimes). Your blog is, for those of us out here in blogland, amazingly funny and sensitive. I love reading it and although I haven't kept up with my own blog for sometime, I come back to yours always. Lesley x

  14. Nooooooooooooooooooooo!

    Stick it out, he'll not bother after a while and the rest of us wouldn't manage without you.

  15. *heart sinks* Your blog's been rumbled! Noooooo - don't you dare disappear!

    And bummer about the lack of power, and lack of soup kitchen when needed. x

  16. No, no, no.
    You cannot stop blogging.

    He'll never find out, he's too busy looking after Consuela, Conchita and little Jesus.

    If you stop blogging, how will I fnd out what life's like in the "Auld Country"?

    How will I find out how Sonshine is growing into a Ramone?

    How will I find out if Kevin has managed to survive?

    Ignore the chances of discovery, we need your posts to STAY SANE.

    Happy New Year by the way.

  17. PLEASE don't stop blogging, your posts always make me smile, and your frankness is wonderful. Does Tartarus really, really mind? He must know blogging makes you happy, and after all, you are alone a lot of the time... (guilt, guilt). In fact I was going to plead for more Tartarus-linked blogs, because I feel Consuela should be encouraged to express herself. She's alone a fair bit too!

    I really feel for you re. the power cut - we were without power for just 2 hours on Christmas Eve and that was awful enough. Terrible to think about the old folk on your island. xxx

  18. Regardless of anyone else's (or mine rather!) wishes, I don't think your blog really contains anything that T would be offended at.

    I've had a couple of major car crashes in the real life/blog interface last year (huge ones, terminated realtionships etc) so come on lass, keep going!

  19. Ooh it would be a real shame to stop your blog - I know I have been rubbish lately at posting and commenting, but I do always read you and you always provoke laughter or empathy or both. I wish before I started blogging I had thought through how much better total anonymity would be in terms of really getting stuff off your chest and seeking out advice on personal issues - but I can't see a way of keeping your blog mates and moving into anonimity from friends and family.


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