10 Mar 2015

Hestia and some random updates

1  I am not dead.

2  I don't really have anything to blog about right now.

3  Wait! No, sorry, I got nothing ....

4   I have been up at the school campus making potato bread and gnocchi.  I thought I was just going to watch a demonstration, so I tipped up in my orange sweater.  And was handed an apron.  A warm room is needed to help the yeast do its thang.  I was so hot I thought I was having a flash.

The bread was, unfortunately, so gorgeous that I ate half a loaf and about half a pound of butter BEFORE I went for my weigh in with Slimming World.

5  Oh yeah, I signed up for Slimming World.  So far, I've lost 24 pounds. Of the Queen's head variety.  And 3lbs of the lardy ones.

6  Tartarus is in Bulgaria and I am missing him.  This IS news.  Usually I don't care where he is.  But I am missing our cups of tea as he reports from the coal face of the garage and some THING that needs fixing on someone's motorbike and I report on some THING on facebook that has held my attention for five hours.

7  I've started going running again.  This 'running' is a term that I use very loosely.  Truthfully, I am going 'walking slightly faster than I generally do.'  Nero hates it because it's a useless speed for him - neither walking nor running.  Lolloping.  Nero is lolloping.

No, that's not true.  This morning I was jogging behind him and he was walking.  I jog slower than my dog walks.  There's an admission.

8  I am getting excited about going to Italy in April.  Without family.  Meeting up with a group of Tarot fans and 'sploring museums and, hopefully, eating my own bodyweight in risotto milanese.  Minus the veal shanks.  Because, well, VEAL.

9  I bought all 80 of the Penguin 80th birthday Little Black Books.  I could not afford it, but it's BOOKS.

10 I am wakening up at 3am with the Nameless Dreads - death, disease, famine, never amounting to anything, alien invasion - yes, fear of it all hits me at 3am.

11 Sonshine has hairs growing on his legs and his voice is up and down like a bees wing.  He's growing up.  Hence the Nameless Dreads, I think.

Enough about me, how are YOU?


  1. Night time anxiety attacks? The menopause....they don't tell you about that either. Rescue remedy by the bed helped me. Don't run over 40...my friend says walking, cycling, swimming all good but running causes more injuries and joint problems than good....he speaks as a doctor and now ex-runner (due to being nearly 50). My 62 year old friend did not head this advice, took it up at 60 and fucked her knee at 61!!x

  2. oooh I didn't know the nighttime anxieties were perimenopausal - good to know ! I luffs veal *ashamed face*

  3. Very glad you're not dead ;) As for the Nameless Dreads, I would definitely blame it on Sunshine. I used to laugh, or at least sit gripped but unmoved, at sad movies. Since baby one, I cry at silly films! Children have a lot to answer for *nods head sagely*


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