16 Mar 2015

Hestia and Mother's Day 2015

I'm never terribly sure where the apostrophe should go:  Is it Mother's Day (ie your mother's day) or Mothers' Day (all mothers' days).  I have the same problem with Gardener's World....

Anyway, enough of my grammar-wrestling demons :-D

I received breakfast in bed: a toasted bagel with cream cheese and smoked salmon.  With a cup of tea.  And a yoghurt.

I received an expertly wrapped up present:

Which contained these:

Which are luggage tags for going off to Italy next month.  Luggage tags that I HAD BOUGHT MYSELF but which I had agreed Sonshine could give to me as part of my Mother's Day gift.

I am still awaiting the re-imbursement of the £4.99 that I shelled out for these.

I was also given some vouchers.  Nothing from Groupon or any of that old shit, oh no:

Just to be clear :

There are 7 vouchers here that include..... one free bake (which will, I am reliably informed, include the washing up), one day of all Nero's dog-walking, one visit to the supermarket, one car wash, one mystery 'Specail' task (in which he says he will do ANYTHING) and my very most favourite one of all, the bottom right which is:

"One go out with your damn friends and enjoy life" voucher.

I'd like to know how he's going to finance that particular one :-D

Tell me what happened in your life on Sunday :-)


  1. Soooo brilliant.....my darling boy has done some amazing stuff over the years then completely forgot last year.....I shall never let him forget that...this year he did nothing again, then produced flowers and chocolates and wine claiming he was pretending he'd forgotten and a card to the most 'tolerable' woman....... I think he ment tolerant but you never know!!x

  2. I love the vouchers! I think the idea is that you pay for the last one and Sonshine will enjoy a kind of diverted mummy-love by not having you around to pester him about anything :)

  3. Those vouchers! Definitely "priceless", in every sense :D I just got a card with glitter on, from my eldest, and bitten by my youngest :o

  4. Absolutely brilliant. I will rehome him now if you pay his postage :) You know how my Mother's Day went ...lol


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