17 Nov 2014

Hestia's....red scarf matches....

So we've been away for the weekend, visiting Tartarus's sister in Aberdeen.  It's all very exciting - a niece about to give birth and a brother in law who is about to pass kidney gravel!

It was a lovely visit with plenty in the way of good eating and even a trip to the shops on Saturday to think about Christmas presents.  Yes, CHRISTMAS PRESENTS!!!! *hyperventilates into brown paper bag*

We returned home to the island yesterday and Tartarus and I opted to go out for some dinner to round out the weekend.  Sonshine said that he would prefer to stay at home and get his homework done and play on the computer.

Mainly play on the computer I think...

Anyhoo, Tartarus decided to go out for a drink with a friend first.  I agreed to meet them in the pub for a swifty before hitting the restaurant.

Which I did.

Reader, I had Made An Effort.

I have put on a full face of slap (eyeliner, the WORKS), nice earrings, put my hair up and squirted myself with some perfume.

We had a quick drink before retreating into the freezing night and heading for the restaurant.

We ordered.  Including a bottle of wine.

Food was lovely.

Conversation mainly rotated around our visit to Aberdeen.  And Tartarus's family.  And then Tartarus. And then motorbikes.  And then cars.  And then Tartarus's work.

I admit to getting to the Glazed Over stage as he waffled on about motorbikes and cars and Guy Martin and motorbike racing and...... *snooooores*

Picture the scene:

Me:  This talking about you is all very well, but yanno, there's ME sitting here too.  Don't you ever want to ask me about something? Anything?

Tartarus:  What do you mean?

Me:  Well, could you maybe say something nice to me?

Tartarus:  We had a nice weekend, didn't we?

Me:  Yes.  I meant, could you say something nice to me, ABOUT ME?

Tartarus took a long draft of his wine and announced.  And I kid you not. These are his EXACT WORDS.....

'Your make up matches your anorak hood.'

*gives up and turns to the comfort of the bottle*


  1. Yeesh, some men are so clueless! Ah well, at least he can fix things, and give practical gifts :)

  2. Drink a BIG bottle. Then brain him with it.

  3. He really is complete twat. You deserve soooooo much better :/

  4. Haha! At least you had the bottle for company!

  5. When you say 'turned to the bottle' you DO mean you hit him over the head with it, right? please?

  6. Ha! That is such a hopeless man answer!


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