8 Mar 2014

Hestia is Elizabeth Taylor - Day 7: What was it allllll about?

Can it really only have been 7 days ago that I foolishly decided to do a daily blog about bringing out my inner Elizabeth Taylor?  That Buzzfeed quiz took over my life.....

I had hoped that Thursday would be my 'Martha' day from Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?' but I had too much to do after Tartarus got home on Wednesday.

Oh and about that - I turned up to pick him up with all the makeup and bling on and he ACTUALLY MENTIONED Elizabeth Taylor.  My heart soared - maybe I was morphing into her after all!!

But then he said that he had been reading my facebook posts, so he knew what I was up to.

Well, that's a bit more like it then.

I had intended to read her biography, but it hasn't arrived here from the other library yet - so I'm champing at the bit to read it now!  Neither have my selection of her movies arrived - which is REALLY disappointing because I had realised that I hadn't seen most of her work.

Reader, I had made an appointment at the hairdressers on Friday morning with the intention of going and getting my hair cut and set in the style of early ET, but when it came to the wire, I just couldn't get my hair cut off....it takes such a long time to grow, so I'm back with it straightened and not looking the least bit like ET.  Also, still have grey roots - which will be sorted out this coming week, promise!

*ashamed of herself face* <- very un-Liz.

So, what have I learned in this week of Walking in Someone Else's Shoes?

1   That it takes a lot of effort to be that fluffed up every day, unless you are beautiful like La Taylor. But if you've got the time and inclination, you should definitely do it - it's like painting a picture!

2   That if I put on mascara and eye shadow, strange men accost me when I'm out walking the dog.  It's not unpleasant.  Also, I can wear white if I want to.

3  That it's FUN to wear big jewellery - QVC or Cartier, it doesn't really matter.

4  That even if you are the most beautiful woman in the world, it won't make you happy or any more successful at relationships.

5  That when Amazon says something will be with you in 3-5 days, they're really not sure when your Elizabeth Taylor boxed set will turn up at all.

6  That it's perfectly ok to chance your arm about money - you might even get it!  Although for me, the jury's still out on this one, but will keep you posted.

7  That supporting a cause that is bigger than you can give you a sense of purpose and self that you might not otherwise experience.

8  That the answer is generally not found at the bottom of a whisky tumbler or prescription bottle.

9  That Shirley McLaine will be in every documentary about you.

10  That wigs, hats and many inches of eyeliner is entirely acceptable attire in the Co-op.

Now - off you go.  Do the buzzfeed quiz and tell me who YOU are if you were a film star.

Toodle pip from Ms Taylor and me......


  1. you look faaaabulous!

    and i can't find the quiz online. i'm pretty sure you didn't mean the "which star wars character are you?"

    1. Thanks for the kind words, it's been tiring - but fun! Dare you to do that Star Wars one and act out your inner Wookie for a week lol!

    2. As long as there's no Ewok ... :D

  2. Loved this whole series, Ali. Great lesson learned as well. You look fab in this latest pic, but still I like the curly hair better, really.

    As mentioned previously, I came up with Lauren Bacall. Haven't tried on any 1940s clothes (my fabs), but have made sexy come-on comments to hubby (he likes these). I used to have a pair of good Mary Jane shoes, but seem to have lost them...

  3. Och, ye kanne blame amazon fer yer livin in the bakabeyon ;)
    I wouldn't dare Liz's hair, either... Still, sounds like it's been fun, and that you've more to look forward to, with the films and biog :D

  4. fabulous darling.....go on do the hair, if you hate it just ware a hat for awhile, it will always grow back that is the beauty about hair..... as they say you only need to change one thing!!x

  5. This has turned out to be an interesting experiment. Now I want to find out who my inner celebrity is.

  6. Coming back from oblivion to find dear Hestia is actually Liz Taylor in drag is a bit much..

    I'm going to find a quiet corner and have a cup of tea whilst I contemplate. Note I said tea, I've gone off whisky.

  7. Coming back from near-oblivion and finding dear Hestia is really Liz Taylor in drag was a bit much. I'm going to find a quiet corner with a cup of tea to contemplate. Note that I said tea, I've gone off whisky.


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