15 Jul 2013

Hestia and Nero

So, here he is: Nero

I have walked so much since we got him on Wednesday of last week that I am two inches shorter!

Don't let the scabby, scared puppy in the photo fool you - he's an affectionate, quiet sofa-thief.

We luff him to death.

Will write more later.  Busy dog-walking!


  1. There was a study done in the States that said the most effective way to lose weight was to get a dog ;D

  2. I was just going to say that :) -- They're very good for your health. I can't say I get much exercise looking after this one, on the other hand :)

  3. aaah bless......I take care of my friend's baby whippet, Olive, on occasion.....which is odd as I'm not really a pet person.....and I have learnt: not knowing the age of your dog when asked by another dog owner is tantamount to abuse and equvilant to not knowing the age of your child!!x

  4. Don't let him onto the bed once he realises how comfortable it is you'll never get him off there:)


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