3 Jun 2013


It's not the taking of pills that worries me.

 Nor even having to take them in such quantity that it warrants a neatly divvied up wee box.

 Without a word of exaggeration (or even a vowel of exaggeration), Not My Boyfriend Ron asked Juno whether she wanted her tablets from the compartment marked 'Deb, Eve, Zooz or Nrom'.

 I think that she was so dumbfounded by his clattering lack of insight into how you hold the package to read it that she failed to reply entirely.

 I myself was left gawping like a goldfish.

 He drives a car....so be afraid, VERY afraid.


  1. LOL aaah that would be that deadpan scot humor, right ? :-D

  2. He was deadly serious. DEADLY serious.

  3. LOL She should have replied "From the 'M is less than M' compartment" :)

  4. Hmmm, and this person is out in the wider world....without his mother?

  5. i am afraid. but also quite amused. some people are clueless, but your mum will keep him right!

  6. And alllllll those comments by maddsolutiononline is why I'm going back to captcha on the blog. Sorry guys - I know that it's a bind, but I end up with tons of spam.


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