10 Jun 2013

Hestia....and Dr Internet

yeah, only search for DIAGRAMS, missy...
So it took me MONTHS to pluck up the courage to go to the doctors to see about the mystery bump on my boob.  After some careful prodding, the doctor told me that it was nothing to worry about and was actually called a senile something or other.  I pretty much tuned out after the word 'senile' to tell you the truth.

You would think, therefore, that when an intermittent nagging pain blossomed again in my side, that I would waste no time, I would be straight up the surgery to have my concerns laid to rest.

The sensible bit inside my head said that it was probably just some part of my gall-bladder removal operation that might have healed onto another organ or a muscle or something.  

The non-sensible bit of me went....straight to Dr Internet.

First, let's pull up some images of the human body........whoooooa!! Maybe not photos......diagrams, yes, let's search for diagrams.  And since it feels just under my ribs, let's look for diagrams with ribs.

I scroll my way through the images.

I am relieved to see that my pancreas (which takes a good hammering from time to time with the ginger fudge) is not anywhere near the pain site.

It really does seem to be where my gall bladder used to be.


Is that where the kidney sits?!

I feel along my lower ribs, pressing into the dull ache that has been troubling me.  Could it be my kidneys.

I quickly type 'symptoms of kidney stones' into google.

Lots of results......pain on piddling (nope), colick-like pain (nope), inability to find comfortable position (nope).

Hey, what's this......Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Rupture


I quickly click on the link and am whizzed into a world where emergency surgery and the threat of DEATH looms large.

The sensible part of me slaps me angrily round the back of the head.  It stings, but I get the message.

I turn Dr Internet off and gently prod at my side.  The pain has gone again.

Probably, realistically, a bit of barely-chewed ginger fudge working its way through.


  1. yeah.......no, do not do that again!!!!x

  2. You too? I've lost count of the number of times I have done this, resulting in a fair amount of self torture. At $300 a visit, it is more to do with saving money. It's a good job we can't write our own prescriptions though.

  3. LOL excellent. Now about that ablation ....:D

  4. Dr Internet is bad for you. One of my colleagues when I worked with surgeons typed "xxx surgery complications" into the internet and then said "There were loads of horror stories" and it took some time to explain that people never tend to say, oh I had a routine operation and it was successful all over the internet. And then got a surgeon to tell her off. DR INTERNET IS BAD NEWS!

  5. Ha ha... I always imagine the worst too!

  6. Funny, I'm kind of the opposite. It's only once I've got a firm diagnosis that I turn to Dr Internet, normally looking for information about the recommended medicines or treatment suggested by the doctors, and alternative options... Glad you still have a sensible bit that slaps you round the head for such catastrophising ;)


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