26 May 2013

Hestia....and the Ginger Fudge recipe

This is Juno's ginger fudge recipe.  It's from when she attended a group in the neighbouring village called The Young Wives.  Given that she's now 76,  I think it's fair to say that she's had this a loooong time :-)

2 packets of Ginger Snap biscuits (crushed) <- use a processor for best results
2 teaspoons of dried ginger
1 cup and a wee bit more of brown sugar <- technical, right?
1/4lb of butter
1 large tin of condensed milk
1 pack cooking chocolate

Crush the biscuits and add the ginger to the mix.

Into a pan put butter, sugar and condensed milk- bring to boil slowly, stirring all the time.  Don't go away and leave it!  Let it boil for about 2 minutes.

Take off heat and mix thoroughly with crushed biscuit/ginger mix.  Tip into tray-bake type tray and press into place and even off the top.

When cool, cover top with melted chocolate.

As cooling, mark out into SMALL squares or even triangles - it is VERY sweet and small portions will suffice.

Juno also points out that it's better to make it thinner (ie use a larger, rather than a deeper, tray)

I have no pictures of the ginger fudge squares because they are all eaten

*pancreas howls in protest*


  1. Does sound deliciously decadent :)

    1. It is! Only a smallllll square is required. But I can force down two squares if provoked :-D

  2. I should have brought a packet of ginger snaps home with me:(

  3. you is the bestest! thanks! i'd imagine adding finely chopped candied ginger would be lovely too, no? i shall make this, oh yes! but not today, today is one of my 2, in the 5:2 diet, which means that i have consumed a measly 500 calories and am a trifle hungry. so far, no weight loss but there is the delightful side-effect of not eating as much on my 5 "normal" days, despite my starving fantasies of triple bacon cheeseburgers with french fried babies and cheese curds.

    1. I do the 5:2 too :-D Monday and Wednesday - I completely abstain from everything except water for 24 hours, not because I'm going for weight loss (see blog post: ginger fudge lol!) but because I'm trying to switch on the autophagy aspect of fasting, and even ingesting 5 cals will turn it off (apparently). If you've not found Eat, Stop, Eat blog by Brad Pilon, take a look at it. Also ark's Daily Apple is quite useful too :-D

      Ali x

    2. hm, will have to check it out. i've been doing the 5:2 and despite what the interwebs say, i've lost maybe 2-3lbs after 3 weeks. still... the weird thing is that it feels good actually.


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