8 May 2012


I just wanted to pop in to let you know that I heard from Prometheus the other day and he's gone all outdoorsy AND left his wife for Another Woman (well, he did it more than 10 years ago - but it's news to ME!) and I hope we continue to keep in touch.  But that's it.


Bank Holiday weekend here and some girlfriends came over to give me a visit - which was lovely, because normally I have to schlep up country to visit everyone.  It was the Vet and The Mad Woman from Kilmarnock.  The Vet had brought with her some snaps circa 1993.

We laughed at our Coronation Street party - I was Jack Duckworth and wandered around with a tray full of drinks, sellotape around the leg of my glasses and a banana down my trousers.  You should have seen the rest of them: It was not a party at which you would have been looking for a lumber, as we say up here.

I could hardly take my eyes of myself in the photos - I was so slim.  And even though that was probably the effects of the Dumped Diet (you know the one - you get dumped, you shuffle salad around on your plate for many weeks and believe that you'll never love anyone like that again), I really looked quite nice.

Especially in the Hogmanay photos.  I was surprised to see myself in them.  I looked lovely in my tartan mini skirt, thick black tights (God bless Donna Karan for THAT idea) and my Bonnie Prince Charlie kilt jacket, resplendent with silver buttons.  Somewhere in this house, that jacket and skirt still resides.  The jacket is so tiny it almost fits Sonshine.  And so does the mini skirt.

Why did I always think I was so fat and unattractive?  A question that women the world over ask themselves as they look back at old photos of themselves, I suspect.

Over the course of the afternoon, we drank two bottles of wine, a million little bits of sushi, some lemon cheese cake, some pizza, some olives, some open sandwiches and stuffed pepper things.  

I waved the girls off at 5pm and by 6pm I was ready for my bed!

What  else?

Oh yes, I ran two miles.  Not the same day that the girls came over. On Monday.

TWO MILES!!!!  Eight laps of the games field!

*high fives her reader*

What else?

Sonshine and I started watching Planet Earth with Richard Hammond (mother hates him: ' Why is that little man on EVERYTHING?' and had to give up near the end with a film about poaching elephants (much worse than poaching eggs). The tears and snotters started with the first appearance of the starving little lion cup....got progressively louder and hotter at the shivering little black bears up a tree in North America somewhere...and when the elephant calf disappeared the overall face-wetness became overwhelming.  And Sonshine found it distressing too.

Yes, nature is red in tooth and claw - but come ON people, give us something bloody cheerful to watch!

What have you been up to?  Do tell.


  1. Why do we always think we are fat and useless...and then look back years later and think that in hindsight we were alright..but we are NOW fat and useless?? *lol*

    The law of Sod probably.

    Keep in touch with Prometheus..its good to have links to your past ;)

    and as for the get together...sounds wonderful.

    *high fives for the running!!!!*

    1. Get together WAS wonderful - want to do it more often lol! I guess we should look at ourselves in the mirror every day and say This is as Good As It Gets!!!

      Ali x

  2. Oh I don't watch things that I know for sure will rip my heartstrings out by their roots ...

    1. Don't. Watch. It.

      I'm sure that it's glorious in 3D, but all that baby animalness looking so vulnerable - makes me want to jet out there, pick them up and bring them home where I can keep them in the spare bedroom and keep them safe. *mission impossible face*


    2. Wally, she has to start small ...

  3. i can almost forgive myself for thinking i was fat when i was clearly gorgeous and young and all, but i have a hard time forgiving those bird-boned women (my own mother and aunt included, plus the mothers of assorted equally bird-boned friends) who used to call me "big boned" and "a hefty girl" because i am tall and NOT bird-boned. it made me feel like the incredible hulk for all those years when i was absolutely beautiful, slim and graceful sans the tire i'm dragging around my middle. now excuse me, i have to go have cake for breakfast.

  4. Hurrah for the TWO MILES!

    I am well aware that I should not think I am fat at the moment and I do. So I think even knowing you are wrong at the time does not seem to stop it (though I am in trouble with the docs for gaining weight, but that is another matter and nothing to do with how I look)

  5. I cannot belieeeeeeeve how slim I was when I thought I wasn't....could have probably found a cure for cancer or at least learnt Italian in the wasted hours of worry and distress and flesh squeezed angainst. Never ever managed the break-up diet until the heart-break of 2008 and boy did I look hot from behind in my skinny jeans....unfortunately rather bothered from the front with my puffy eyes and tear-stained cheeks and bitten lips!!x

  6. Yay 2 miles is BRILLIANT - wow that's really impressive! Your girlfriends sound v. fun and I like the sound of your menu. Was going to watch that nature programme but glad now I forgot about it - I can't stand things like that - I always wonder how the camera person can make the film without rushing in to intervene. Red in tooth and claw indeed. xxx

  7. You still do look quite nice, to use your phrase. Skinny does not make a woman beautiful, it just makes her look , well... Skinny. xxx

  8. Skinny girls are always mean because they're hungry....just sayin'

  9. Most men would prefer I think, a well-rounded lady to a skinny girl.
    I can honestly say I've never watched an episode of Coronation St. in my life. And I feel quite proud of that.

    (PS I'm a Take The High Road addict. Don't tell)

  10. Oh, youthful slimness and beauty are wasted on the young...
    I too wasted much time moaning about not looking "right" when I was just fine really - finer than I am now anyway. Oh well.
    The girls' night sounds like a good one, I always cry at baby animals in danger on wildlife shows, and running! For 2 whole miles! I am seriously impressed, well done! xx

  11. Oooh dreaded old photos...we did that at the weekend and boy did my little one laugh when she saw my perm. I on the other hand was staring like a mad man at how slim I was. But I'm over the hill now and it's too cold on this side to be slim (who wants to look like Nancy Reagan????).
    Weekend highlight was the singing lift at the royal festival hall. It was brill!

  12. I've given up objecting when, for the 926,749th time, a lovely woman who I secretly fancy, says she's fat, big, etc etc. You're talking to the deaf. And likewise, I've given up trying to get it through women's heads that 99.9% of men do not want, fancy or in any way desire the stick thin Belsen victim look that they seem to aspire to (of course they deny that, but no size s ever too small for them). It's like being King Canute. The tide of thinness washes over us in a sea of Hello! and Ok! Meantime, the women we actually fancy are clever, witty, have nice tits, a nice arse... and a bit of stomach frontage is NOT a problem.

    But why am I even saying this... it's pointless. Oh but just one more thing that will be universally ignored. Youth, youngness. I won't go into details, but last year a 58-year-old sorted me out (repeatedly) in a way that no slim young 21-year-old flibbertigebbet would ever be able to do.

    "Lumber". Now, do you mean a date, or a woody? :) Your party sounds ace -- what a great idea for a party!

  13. Very insightful.
    The 'fat and unattractive' observation is not only a woman's perspective.
    When we are young we are so bloody self-conscious and always want to look like someone else.
    When we are older and, on seeing images of how we looked 'back then' think, "bloody hell, with what I know now I could have been devastating!"
    Fortunately nature has a way of preventing such narcissism (or had up until the new wave assaulting our young people) and we went on to forge long and lasting relationships with our partners.

  14. Hurrah! TWO MILES. That is very impressive!

    You were not fat then, and, contrary to your belief, you are not now. I want to have a Coronation St party!

    I am good. I am mostly cooking to be honest. I like cooking. Totally screwed up some biscuits, which I think taste foul, but which Dave is eating anyway.

  15. Right I know who Prometheus is, he is dishy garden centre chap; the last episode was a real cliffhanger what with your mum staring into her coleslaw and all...but who on earth is Peter Dinklage? I need to know. xx

  16. He plays Tyrion Lannister in the SKY Atlantic series A Game of Thrones. He's diminutive, but Tyrion is so clever, funny and kind, he manages to outwit his enemies :)

    For Gods sakes don't let the boys see it as there are copious amounts of rumpy-pumpy and violence in it!

  17. Go for healthy not slim every time! 2 miles is excellent. I keep thinking smooth tight skin whether on a plump arm or a skinny leg or indeed any combination of any area is something to be cherished while you have it! I have got bruised fingers from clapping so vigorously during an Elvis Costello concert in Liverpool on Sunday - he was brilliant. Now I am sitting here wearing a 24 hour blood pressure monitor which is cutting off my circulation every 20 minutes and freaking me out with the high results x


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