26 Mar 2010

In which I ponder 'why am I here?'

I wasn’t very convinced about blogging, to be honest: I figured that if we were all talking, it meant that no-one was reading.

But recently I’ve stumbled upon some really excellent blogs that are a joy to read and that make me laugh out loud.  I had an epiphany.  You don’t need to be deadly serious to blog!

Believe me, I have no pretensions of being a brilliantly capable Hestia, nor could I be as entertaining as my favourite bloggers, but if I can make you snort coffee out your nose onto your keyboard just once, I will be a happy woman.

So, what’s the point of this blog?

Come closer, I need to tell you a secret.  No, closer than that even......*whispers* Even though I’m not terribly good at it, I have decided to come out of the closet and admit that I really enjoy cooking and baking.

In case you think I’m secretly Sophie Dahl trying to get into everyone’s good books again after the hired kitchen fracas – think again.

Here’s the kitchen she used (photographed by Paul Massey, as used in The Times on-line)......

 ....and here’s the kitchen that I’ll be using while I explore all the things that I want to cover in my blog.
Yes, that IS a Transformer toy in the corner, about a dozen pens, 3 note pads, 2 copies of Sophie Dahl's cookbook (don't ask) and nary a sign of food.  Think yourself lucky that I spared you a shot of the floor......

Anyway, here's what I fancy blogging about:

Recipes – let’s share. Let’s try some out and see what works.

Book Reviews - hands up who else's kitchen is filled with cookery books that you NEVER open other than to laugh hollowly at the ingredients lists or drool over the photography?

Food news – scare stories, closures, prices it’ll all be here.

Local produce - Bute’s got loads of it – let me show you what we’ve got, you might want to buy some.

Eatery reviews – telling it like it is and giving the restaurant a chance to bite back ;-)

Hopefully all delivered with a generous dollop dark Scottish humour or at least a side salad of whimsy.

So, will you come with me as I make the local butchers go head-to-head on my Scotch pies Taste Test?

How about trying some recipes?  Believe me, if I'm making them they won't involve a whole load of work!

I'll take you (via my camera) for one of Alec's gigantic Ettrick Bay meringues with fresh cream, or how about a bit of luscious carrot cake, topped with the softest icing?

Have you got any ideas for packed lunch boxes for school-aged rugrats that won’t get tipped into the nearest litter bin at lunch? Well how about sharing them here?

Are you up for it? Then what are we waiting for? Let’s GO!


  1. So where are these blogs you enjoy ? Share ! Plus, domestic goddessness ....not just cooking, right ? but all aspects of home and hearth ? :-)

  2. *mwhahahaha* you mean like knitting and ironing and darning socks. Have a heart! don't make me run before I can walk.

    I've had a half sock on my needles since Fifi was alive. I'm telling myself that I'm not completing the socks as a mark of respect to dear dotty Fifi, but really, I'm just a lazy old fart.

    Are you going to make me knit matinee jackets?

  3. LOL no; but cleaning, preserving, sewing, decorating, gardening ....you watch Grow Your Own herbs dontcha ? And How Clean Is Your House ? I bleach my dishcloths because of Kim and Aggie :-)

  4. You mean you didn't used to bleach your dishclothes??? Even *I* bleach my dishcloths!

    My polytunnel languishes untouched since NOVEMBER. I am suitably chagrined....I will go out into the polytunnel and greenhouse tomorrow.

    If I'm going to do this blogging thing, I might as well make an arse of myself in all areas, righ?

    Ali x

  5. Interestingly, Dee knew Aggie - small world ain't it :)
    As for dishcloths, microwave them!


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