11 Mar 2017

Korean Expert Invaded | An Apology to his wife, from Hestia

So, you will have seen the viral video of the Korean expert being invaded by his children.

It's hilarious, right?

And I - and many others - started joking about how the nanny/maid would be fired after that episode.

Except she's not his nanny, she is his wife.

His. Wife.

I made an assumption about that woman - and that man - based on this little bit of film and while I still think this footage is one of the funniest things I've ever seen, I am utterly ashamed of myself for making that judgement about this lady.

Jung-A-Kim is his wife.

Now, while she herself is probably none the wiser for any smart comment and hopefully finds the whole thing as hilarious as the rest of us,  I stereotyped this woman in under two minutes from this clip.

Yet I believe myself not to be a bigot.  And yet I made a hideously bigoted assumption.  I can't tell you how ashamed of myself I am.

Maybe you think that I'm over-reacting and there is no real harm done. At what point does unintentional bigotry tip into REAL harm done - the same moment as intentional bigotry.

Ashamed enough that I have to apologise in public.

I have learned my lesson, I promise you.


  1. Hey..it's great that you are so upfront! Also, been missing your blog. All well?

  2. I too immediately made the same assumption, and I too do not consider myself to be a bigot. Hanging my head in shame, right along with you. Definite food for thought.


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