16 Dec 2014

Hestia shares 10 internet sites

The internet:
Addictive as crack cocaine
necessary as breathing
I am thoroughly enjoying my weekly Digital Sabbath.  So much so, I might extend it to TWO days!

But the intertubes are not entirely barren of worthwhile sites.  So here are 10 that I'd like to share with you that enrich my life on a regular basis.

1  What makes us human?
This regular weekly essay segment on the Jeremy Vine show on Radio 2 makes for fascinating listening.  Not only do we hear what lots of people believe make us human, but we get to hear more about those speakers' lives.  Each speaker reads their essay and then Jeremy talks to them about what makes them tick.

2  Humans of New York
I've given you the website link, but they are also on facebook - absolutely one of the BEST reasons for joining facebook.  Brandon  began photographing interesting people on the streets of New York in 2010. The photographs are great, but it's the snippets of the stories that the people tell Brandon that are fascinating.  And he's now taken photos of people elsewhere in the world - areas of conflict - and then lets you  see that these are REAL people, with lives not so dissimilar to our own.   Here's his facebook page.

BBC Food
 Can't have you thinking that I'm all about the humans.  I'm really all about the belly and the filling thereof.  The BBC Food website is a great resource and stuff to the gunwales with loads of TV cheffery recipes and, more importantly, a recipe finder - just type in what you've got a-mouldering at the bottom of the fridge and lo! The finest offerings from James Martin, Nigella and that ilk :-)

This is the link for the UK site, and you will be amazed at all the utterly amazing stuff that their contributors write about - from How to make your Mac go faster to 8 things you didn't know you could clean in a dishwasher.  You'll thank me, mark my words.

5  Dogshaming.com
Post-it notes and photos that proclaim to the world that Tuffy the black pug pees on his own foot and that Bebe the beagle will NOT be going to heaven for chewing up the baby Jesus.  Guaranteed to get any crappy Monday morning off to a good start.  At some dog's expense.

6  Spotify
Download a bit of software and listen to all the FREE music you could ever want (ok, with a few ads thrown in).  So good that it must be illegal.

7  TED
Talks by experts on a whole range of things.  Here's a playlist of their 20 most popular talks.  You're welcome!

8  The Philosophers' Mail
A project that was set up to see whether a team of philosophers could re-interpret the news along a philosophical line, rather than the usual sensationalist.  There are short films to dip your toe into various kinds of philosophy.  Almost like a bluffer's guide to Ethics!  Try this one about Buddha!

9  Sciencedump
Everything that you didn't know about science - infographics, documentaries, stories - hugely quirky and undoubtedly will make you look like a GENIUS to all and sundry.  Here's making a glass horse in 60 seconds.

10 Wikipedia
 Quite simply, there isn't a day goes by where I don't jump onto this site.  Well, not on my Digital Sabbath, of course.

What sites would you add to this list and why?!


  1. Thank you. Off to BBC Food first!

  2. Food network is also a great resource, mystica!

  3. I like Lovefood as well. They have interesting foodie articles and lots of good recipes :)

  4. I am very sad and I love Icanhazcheeseburger.com. and DogtubeUS :)

    1. VivI used to absolutely adore ICANHAZ and considered adding it, but they changed the layout and it's got loads of annoying gifs and stuff to scroll through. I do, from time to time, look at my favourite saved images from cheeseburger and they still make me laff!

  5. Oooo, I'm off to The Philosophers' Mail!

  6. Humans of NY is always fascinating! xxx

  7. We have Humans of Lancaster now too!

    BBC Food is great -- you can read comments on the recipes so you know what will really work before you launch into something that takes four days and needs a hundred mile round trip to find one of the rare spice ingredients.

  8. This is a great list, thanks Hestia. Spotify has been life changing for me, ever since my hairdresser told me about it! no need to buy any more CDs, ever! Also I have discovered they do calming music for dogs, which I listen to while Monty tears around in a frenzy in the garden.


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