2 Oct 2014

Hestia...and the ongoing saga of curly hair (last one, promise!)

So, the day that I wash my hair, it usually looks ok.  But it's from Day 2 onwards that the problems usually start.  So, here's a week of hair, in pictures.

If you know someone with curly hair that they absolutely cannot handle, please show them these. There is LIGHT at the end of the curly tunnel!

OK, don't know what to do about the over-exposure of the on-board camera, but here is Day 1.
Ignoremy grey roots - I've also decided to grow out my colour :-D
We'll see how long that notion lasts lol!

And here is Day 2

Note:  The laundry just moves around, it never gets put away

I'm not sure what day this next one is - it looks like a Day 3 or 4 - but as you can see, it's still curly and not fruzzy like an electrocuted spaniel.  Just a permed spaniel.

I also no longer dry my hair with a towel - I use a t-shirt and this is called 'plopping'.  I have improvised here in this next shot and am wearing my pjamma bottoms.  

On my head.  

They are clean.

I also have no makeup on.  NOT EVEN EYEBROWS!! So sorry about the startling face :-/

Also, sorry for the startling black and pink pj bottoms!

But when your hair has soaked up all the water and you haven't  rubbed it at all,  you apply your spray gel or whatever it is that you are using and....

........it eventually dries like this.

So there you have it - how to look after curly hair.  

It has only taken me 50 years.

Looking back over these pictures, you can see what a complete horror I have of housework.
What you see isn't even the worst of it.

Look at this!

These live just out of sight of the camera and are permanently covered in laundry that needs ironed.

Don't you think that with THIS hair....

THESE houseworky skills....

Kelly Hoppen needs to look to her laurels?

Me neither :-D


  1. LOL And you swore that pic was for Ebil Twin eyes only :D
    The hair looks fab. I'm glad you've finally sussed out your hair - I've been telling you for yeeeeeeears to work with your curls instead of trying to obliterate them :D

    1. I haz to take the pix where I can get them. And you WANTED a blog post....I haz writ this one SPECIALLY for YOO.

    2. Thanks. I'm honoured to be specially Hestia'd :D

  2. Dat hair is awesome. End of. :)

    1. Thanks! I wish it hadn't taken me so long to find out all the stuff I needed to know in order to keep it curly. Most of it, unfortunately, would not be applicable for anyone who was still hopeful of having nuptuals when they got into bed at night :-D

  3. Ania's quite right. Damned be the blow dryers for one thing, and straighteners. Love your curls, BTW.

    And put that ironing board away, dear. I don't even own one, but I don't have a hubby who wears uniforms. And I do have a tumble dryer, now I think about it.

    Oh, and do go au natural on the hair color. Were you ginger to start with? I love my gray, actually. :)

    1. Ginger ? Are you CRAZY ? Have you never read Anne of Green Gables ?? Alison is auburn ...

    2. My apologies, Vivianne. American attempt to use a Britishism. ;) Indeed, I have read all the Anne of Green Gables stories, but very long ago, and I had forgotten this important distinction...

  4. I'm so jealous, I wish I had natural curls :) Nice pic of your ironing room, and good to see it's fit for purpose :D

    1. This is the hub of my blogging empire, cunningly disguised against invading forces as a municipal rubbish tip :-D

  5. Well I think you've got a beautiful head of hair -- and I am relieved that other people have adopted the "moving things about as substitute for actually clearing up" technique.

    1. The moving about technique has worked for me for decades. Sometimes it never gets put away at all, it just gets worn, washed and back in the Circle of Laundry Life. Just like I have special treatment clothes that went into the laundry basket years ago and NEVER make it out ever again.....

  6. The hair looks truly great! As for ironing, we gave up on it years ago. We just hang everything straight out of the washing machine, putting t-shirts and shirts on hangars and straightening them out/flapping them around a bit. Works a treat and much less hassle :D

    1. I must give up the ironing!!! It's not as if Tartarus or I need to wear work clothes. Well, HE does, but it's a boilersuit!

    2. :D And ditto on special treatment clothes - our "delicates" draw is lucky to get washed once a year :o

  7. It can't be that easy! I have spent 32 years being frizzy! Your hairl looks amazing!

    1. It is!

      1 Stop using shampoo and just clean your hair with conditioner. If you like the bubbles too much, use a shampoo that is free from the nasties as you can. Keep the conditioner away from roots if you can :)

      2 Always use a heat protector on your hair if you are going to blow it dry - and use a diffuser.

      3 Don't rub your hair with a towel - dab at it with old t-shirt (or one that's just going into the wash lol!) If you can, tie your hair up in a t-shirt (or jammy bots, like me)

      4 Get products on your hair that suit your hair curl type - visit www.naturallycurly.com It is your new best friend.

      5 At night, if your hair is long enough, pull it all up into a loose scrunchie on top of your head (pineapple)

      6 Either use a silk cap or go to bed like Rosie The Riveter.

      7 Wake up in morning, remove cap/head square/scrunchie and shake out your hair.

      8 Then fluff it back into perfection with the product that best suits your hair

      AND THAT'S IT!!!

      I bung on olive oil when it's getting near the end of the week, to get moisture back into it. I just bought a spray gel the other day, but haven't started using it - apparently it's good for my sort of curly hair. You can find out what sort of curl you've got over at naturally curly and they recommend types of products for it.

  8. I loved this post, first your hair is fab, I know of what I speak as my hair is as straight and limp as (insert amusing analogy) ; secondly it's just like our house, which is just a big laundry processing plant and the damn stuff just moves round the house from radiators to bannisters etc and never goes away....so this post made me feel I AM NOT ALONE xxxxxx


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