16 Apr 2012

Hestia wins a book token!

This will be me, down the library, getting my book token.
Maybe not in something strapless though.
Tartarus left on Thursday evening for his next six week stint aboard the ship in The Bahamas.  It's a hard life he leads, don't you think?

Sonshine and I are usually a couple of gloomy-boots for the next few days because it's odd to suddenly have your slave-driver removed.  The slaves can find themselves suddenly sitting on the sofa watching telly together for hours instead of painting a fence or weeding or washing the car.  Very disconcerting.

Anyway, to take my mind off things, I went down to the library to return my books (only marginally overdue this time) and I spotted the winners of the recent Argyll and Bute Library Service Writing Competition.

You had to write the closing paragraph for a Mills and Boon type novel - the more tongue in cheek the better.  I entered - mainly to give our local library something to put in the envelope aside from a sticky lollipop and some fluff.  And then promptly forgot all about it.

So there I am, handing over my 60p fine and my gaze alights on the winning entry.  I remember that I have entered and my heart skips a little beat....well, someone's got to win after all.  No, it wasn't me - it was a much longer entry.  I am disappointed - with all those rushing accompanying thoughts that go something like: well of course you didn't win, why would you win? you can't write and numerous magazine editors feel that way and now, clearly so does the library service and so on (all in the space of about 2 seconds.  Does anyone else do that? Just me?)

Anyway, I read the entry and it was good - if a little wobbly on the concept of what constitutes a single paragraph :-)

'That's the winning entries for the Competition,' remarked the librarian handing me my change.

'So I see.  Who was it that won then?'

'Well, that one on the top was submitted by the librarians at another library.  But.....*allows a moment for mental fan-fare* I think that YOU that won.'  And she lifted slipped out the sheet of paper beneath the librarians entry and lo! it WAS me!!!!

I will be the proud owner of a £20 book token, just as soon as they get it delivered!

Now, I know that you're going to ask me to replicate the marvellous winning entry here.  But I can't.  I reformatted the hard drive on my pc and never bothered to keep a copy.  Such was my confidence I never thought I'd need to look at it again!

Rest assured that I would have astounded and amazed you with my literary GENIUS <- my tongue is so far in my cheek that I'm barely making sense to myself never mind anyone else.

I am very happy :-D


  1. Congratulations! That's excellent news. Maybe you should start writing romantic Mills & Boon-style novels (?) And if you do come over all emotional when collecting your book token, remember just 'gather, gather.'

  2. Supreme congratulations. No one I know has ever won anything because of a piece of writing (Apart from Honry Ted, who won a dose of the clap after a particlarly nauseating love letter that actually worked)
    Seriously, well done.

  3. Well done! I agree, you should try to make something out of this!

  4. Copy the library's copy :) I wanna read it !

  5. congratulations. i certainly hope that you will thank the lord in your acceptance speech. and yes, i also manage to cram six hours of internal self-deprecation into a nanosecond - it's a real gift.

  6. Hurrah! I am very proud! You don't think enough of yourself woman, you are an excellent writer!

    What are you going to buy with your book token?

    Also, yes. Ask the librarian to copy their copy. You have to have your award winning bit of writing!

  7. hoorah!! How utterly utterly brilliant....what a fabulous way to start the week .......today the library tomorrow....the booker??!!x

  8. Ali -

    Congrats! I knew you could do it! :)


  9. Yes, get a copy off the library. I want to read it too :)

  10. Wow, that's awesome. Congratulations!

  11. Clever so and so!! Darned shame, can't you get them to send or return your copy? Could do with a bit of light hearted smut to remove my mind from work and other such dullness. Congrats xxx

  12. Congratulations Ali! That's brilliant news. Your musings on life are very funny. Enjoy your moment in the limelight. Can the library let you have a copy of your masterpiece? Lesley x

  13. That's great! I can imagine your entry was hilarious. No, that sounds all wrong... But you know what I mean! xxxx

  14. Congratulations! I imagine you wrote a very funny entry and do wish we could see it, but alas, I will just imagine one for myself!


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