2 Oct 2010

Hestias week in numbers

24 - The number of white lines I painted on Sunday afternoon on to West Island Way waymarker signs to help my friends J & M get tidied up for M's holiday with their daughter.

1 - The number of times I told M that if he criticised my white lines in any way, shape or form, I'd toe the paintbrush right up his arse. 

Of course, I didn't REALLY say that at all.  But I thought the thought REALLY hard to myself whenever he came up to check on the standard of my work......I think my expression might have spoken a thousand words that ended with the sentiment of having a paintbrush inserted in an exit... ;-D

1 - telephone call from Christina Lindsay on Monday morning - just as lovely to chat to in real life as she is in her blog ;-)

2 Number of veg boxes I am now running behind.  It's like a slightly decaying Farmers Market in the kitchen and has given rise to.....

2,000,000 - number of small flies that have taken up residence in the kitchen thanks to slowly rotting veg boxes.

3 - fly papers up in kitchen.

Too numerous to mention - tiny fly corpses.

5 number of times I've eaten turnip this week.

2 numbers of pairs of socks that I've tried to put on this morning

3 - times I've gone to my knicker drawer to get knickers and come away with socks instead.

3 - number of days I've been utterly distracted from real life (ie tidying, sleeping, eating) by Twitter.

1 - jaunt to hairdressers to get hair tidied up - the Vet's big wedding is at the end of this month.

3 - times out jogging - even in the pissing RAIN ladies and gentlemen *waits for applause*

4 - days until Tertarus hits these shores again

1 - number of rooms actually tidy enough to receive his presence......

3 - number of those days that I need to spend with Juno (not seen her in AGES - been away a cruise, again)

1 - number of actual days left to clean/fumigate remaining rooms

100% despondent

1 - moment of total hilarity when Sonshine asked me who Deranged Kelly was.  Took some popmaster-worthy questioning to establish that it was, in fact, Lorraine Kelly he was meaning.  Tweeted fact to LK and LK, lovely lady, tweeted back, saying that Sonshine was very perceptive.  That's my second favourite tweet.  Favourite tweet was from Dita Von Teese.  *shrugs* Am sad bastard, what can I say?  Pls note - it has not been this tweet from LK that has had me dwelling in Twitterland this week. I cannot tell you any more because I'd have to kill you.

100% excitement at Strictly returning to our screens last night and tonight!  Matt Baker was SMOKIN' but am suffering Gabby Logan deja vu....am hoping that his naturally humble personality will win public support.  Plus, since we are psychic clothing twins, cannot NOT support my sweetheart in wellies. Cannot wait to see Doris Karloff tonight and Pam Stephenson getting hot with James Jordan at ANY latin dance!

4 - number of times I have found myself upstairs with no recollection of why I am going there, so just go to loo.  Have turned into a toilet junkie.

1 - signed up for NaNoWriMo novel writing month with motley crew of friends.  Should be a blast!

1 - poem written ;-)  It's a bit crap, but it's a start!

So - what about you?


  1. 3 - pairs of trousers altered this week
    2 - tarot bags posted out
    50 - hours at least wasted on twitter, fb and generally not working
    1 - very pleasant day out with sprogs and friend
    1 - signup for NaNoWriMo
    0 - number of plot/character ideas before signing up
    1,000,000 - thoughts/ideas jostling to be heard once I'd decided to sign up
    1 - passably decent plot emerging
    3 - writing buddies
    1 - victim (cough), er, friend signed up to proofread my stuff
    1367- number of words banged out yesterday in deperate attempt to get plot outlines written before they fall out of my head
    2 - number of children determined to stop me concentrating at all cost
    80 - decibels required to get them to shut up
    0 - idea of what music will help rather than hinder the creative juices.

  2. Just the usual round of tasks,plus a bit of unexpected telly last night.
    Did you hear Paul Daniels comment on Strictly to Craig whatsisname?
    It was on the lines of:
    Why don't you stick to your 'gaytime occupation , sausage tasting???'

    Thought Id imagined it and was actually senile but then someone else mentioned it on Twitter.
    There wasnt a glint of acknowledgement on Tess Dalys face.I suppose that's the risk with live telly.

  3. Fairly quiet and uneventful week so far. This might change later today as our island Oktoberfest party is about to start in 3 hours. I sincerely hope that woodpecker currently head banging on our cedar siding pisses off, as my head will explode tomorrow AM if he is still around.

  4. Dear Ali, it was gorgeous to talk to you. Looking forward to seeing you in London.

    I can't believe you've had turnip five times this week! Can't you tell your veg box people to give you a break?

    Fee delivered the first outfit to the hot new singer on Friday. It was the first job I've brought in. All quite emotional, she loved it SO much, it was a huge success.

    Afterwards George, Fee and I went for dinner and stayed up very late last night so we're having a very chilled rest of the weekend. We're just about to have bubble baths, more Bloody Mary's, face packs then lots of episodes of Come Dine With Me in bed. Bet you're glad you asked!

    Have a great Sunday, love C xx

  5. PS. Missed Friday's Strictly!! After reading Northern Snippet's comment I must watch that on iPlayer too. I can't bear Paul Daniels!

  6. You have been a busy lady! I might do an 'in numbers' post soon if you wouldn't mind!

    P.S. I like your twitterness!

  7. This post made me laugh.
    Personally, I'd lose my ass if it wasn't stuck to me.

    Love you, woman.



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