24 Jan 2020

Hestia goes jogging. And so do you.

The other week, I started jogging again.  Something to do with the fact that my favourite trousers are so tight that I need to wear them with the buttons undone.  And the fly open.  And a very long sweater or tunic top.  Walking outside with these trews on with this deshabille arrangement is impossible.  The only solution is to shift some blubber.

I am trying to use my mobile phone for more things, so here is me going for a jog around the park when we were expecting Storm Brendan. Sure, it was weeks ago, but trying to get video from Google Photos is like trying to herd water.  Anyhoo - think I've managed it now.  So, here we go ...

Outside the front door.  The official term is 'bricking it'.

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