8 Jun 2015

Hestia's Creative Day 3 & 4

So the weekend of the water colour arrives...

I find this lovely quote from Pablo Picasso in my book of quotes..

Dearest Pablo, you should have been here at the weekend, it was torrential rain that was washing away the dust of everyday life.  My soul has shrunk, as if it's been in a boil wash.

So to the watercolour attempt ....

The first thing that I needed to do was get some kind of grid onto the photograph.  Lo! I found a tool at called sporkforge.com which allows you to upload an image and to put your own grid onto it.

I had already gridded my paper, so I knew that I needed the photo to be 4 boxes by 6.  So I just divided the length of the photo (which is shown in pixels) by 6 and that told me how many pixels apart my photo grid needed to be.

Saved the image and I was good to go!

So I transfer the outline of the poppy to my watercolour paper and start Thinking Deep Thots about how I'm going to execute this.

Execute probably being the most appropriate word ....

Y'see, inside my head I know exactly what I want to do.  But I can't make it come out of my hands and into the paint.

Anyway, I promised you the watercolour and here it is:

There IS actually a drawing on this, I promise you ...


Looks not too bad if you half close your eyes and drink a large G&T

Not so fantastic face on.  But Rome wasn't built in a day, right?

So this post covers Saturday and Sunday.  Monday I'm off to a funeral on the mainland - my friend's dad.  So don't expect me to have completed the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel for my next post.  Not unless you want the Sistine Chapel ceiling given a single coat of emulsion....


  1. It just takes practise and what you've started with looks just fine to me. I'm rather intrigued by what looks like a layer of brightly coloured, shredded paper next to it. Frustration? :D

    1. It's a tiny little rag-rug shaped like a heart (rightsides up) or like a bottom (upside down). So I chose to sit on it like a cushion :-D

      Shredded paper is in bin beneath the desk though :-D

  2. Please can you paint me a rose for my birthday - see how kind I am, loads of time :) xx

  3. Awesome, Ali! T'is a fine likeness, actually.

    1. Thank you Joanne - that's very kind if you!!! <3


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