10 Jun 2015

Hestia's ....Creative Day 6 and 7

I didn't forget to do something yesterday, I made a meme - using a photo of my very own.  And that's it there, off to the left.  I know.  I'm hardly going to give Grayson Perry any sleepless nights, right?

But I have not been idle, believe me!

I have been to the library to Get More Inspiration. Here we have Viv Westwood, Grayson Perry and Georgia O'Keeffe.

I have also been reading Invisible Cities by Italvo Calvino - which is very beautiful and strange.  Arty.  VERY ARTY.

Thoroughly enjoying the Grayson Perry book - he's the most amazingly frank person.  Portrait of the Artist as a Young Girl.    Also the O'Keeffe one is super - want to read more about this amazing woman.  And she totally refuted that her paintings were to do with sex, by the way.  So the next time you see one somewhere, you can pass on that little bon mot ;) You're welcome.

But what should *I* paint?!

Yesterday I spotted a super photo on facebook; the Nothumbria coast somewhere, I think.  And I decided to paint it because I loved the colours and horizontals.

So here's the photo:

With the words of Mr Adams firmly in mind, I decide to Make The Photo ... into a water colour.

The sky looks really interesting and I love the way the it reflects in the wet sand as the tide has gone out.

How hard could it be?

Yes, I know - I should really get a t-shirt made with that on it :-D


First of all I decided to do a quick version to see how my paints dried:

Too pale and rubbishy.

So I mixed stronger paints and got some tape across the top of that distant dark rise to create a horizontal line to work with.

Then the phone rang and everything dried before I could do anything interesting.

Well, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it :-)
Don't tel Ansel Adams about my shit photograph
Practice image on let, abandoned image for phone call on right.  Not a bad cloud though, but not like the actual clouds, eh?

I think that I'm going to try this again, possibly at the weekend.  I bet you can HARDLY WAIT.

Am I going to make it through the full 30 days is not the question.  Are YOU going to make it through my 30 days?!


  1. Rock, or rather, watercolor on, Hestia! Love the cloud. Don't forget your artistic license, as it allows you to modify to suit your expression. Turn off the phone, perhaps? ;)

    1. Joanne - you're too kind! Usually I would just bin both these efforts, because they are so dreadful - but doing this is forcing me to focus on the process, rather than the end result. Which is how it should be, I think. Am looking forward to spending some more time on this on Saturday :)

  2. Yes, use your ansaphone/voicemail :)


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