11 Jun 2015

Hestia's ... Creative story so far

But what if being in it with all your heart,
just isn't good enough?!
I've managed to be creative for a whole week.  It's not been a complete success.....well, it's not been ANY sort of success, truthfully, but I HAVE learned that the point of doing something creative is not the end result - it's the PROCESS.

I suppose that realisation is a success, of a sort.

I had a lot of gardening to do today and so the creative process has been taken outside and into the polytunnel.  Can I be creative in the garden, I wonder? I spend ages planting up 12 little broad bean plants, carefully making sure that they are all the same distance apart - it pleases my inner gardening artist to see them planted up.   Or perhaps it's my inner Gardening Nazi that likes to see them neatly standing to attention.....I wonder whether this counts as a Creative Project for Day 8?

By Jimminy it was hot in that polytunnel!  At around 1pm I admitted defeat and retired to the cool interior of the house - to do some ironing and get a shopping line together.

I had some cherries for my lunch and I decided to recycle their packaging into some kind of storage for my packets of seeds.  So that's creative, right?

Truthfully, I'm struggling to get everything fitted in to my day!

How do creatives find the time to do all their muse-driven art, the housework, their gardening, their shopping AND manage to face the day washed and dressed? It's beyond me.

Although I AM managing to get dressed every day, let me ASSURE YOU.

I'm enjoying Grayson Perry's memoir - although I find bits of it quite startling, being a sort of conservative gal.  Not the cross-dressing or the sexual thrill of it, I find that quite charming, really.  But the art.  Some of the art utterly
baffles me.

In turn, my being baffled then depresses me.  I'm never going to get the hang of this arty stuff.  I'm going to end up drowning in words with no art lifeboat on the horizon :-/

I am finding lots of amazing quotes by artists, about art:

"Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art"

                                                            - Leonardo Da Vinci

That's a big problem for me, I just don't know how to get the spirit to come out of my hands and onto the paper.  Maybe I'm still too focused on trying to produce something that is actually worth showing you.  I haven't given myself fully over to the process...

Well at least I'm starting to SOUND like an artist.

I am also discovering that while I'm happy to spend vast deserts of time noodling away with watercolours, I'm getting increasingly anxious about work that I know I must write ...

If you are arty and creative, give me some hints and tips - I need all the help I can get!


  1. Here's the thing - Artists don't give a bean for a clean house or happy spouses - name one that ever did a school run LOL; they are as self-absorbed as any supermodel. Sex, booze and Art, read the biographies. Living in Paris would help, too. You have already realized that it is not about the end product, it is about enjoying (perhaps learning, too) whatever it is that you want to do. You realize that a challenge to be creative every day for 30 days is an irony, right ? ;) There's that old Emperor rigidity for you ... cast off those trammels ! :) x

  2. Creativity doesn't come easily to most people, even creative ones. Heard "Writing is easy. You only need to stare at a piece of blank paper until your forehead bleeds”? Well, most creative stuff is like that if you try to summon it. The best way to get creative is just to make a note of things as and when they inspire you or occur to you, because you can bet it's not when you are sitting down with your pen/brush/tool of choice ready to start. It'll be when you are driving or in the bath or shopping and if you don't make a note of it, all the other mundane things between you having the idea and getting to your creative place will ensure that you'll have long since forgotten it by then.

  3. Forget the muse..... just do it.....9/10 perspiration 1/10 inspiration it's true!!x


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