22 Apr 2017

Hestia's Day In The Garden

It's like a big massive snowdrop.  No idea what it is.

Providing I can beat the blackbird this year, the red currants are going to be splendid.

Beautifully sniffy freesias in the greenhouse.  Kindly ignore all the dead vine leaves.  After all, I clearly do.

Strawberry plants in the poly tunnel - flowering! 

pear blossom - could be a brilliant year for tiny, rock hard pears.

Star Wars 

Solomon's Seal

Some kind of weedy geranium that never looks very tidy.

The big snowdroppy thing again.  Latin name, of course.


Rosemary flowers

Wild Garlic aka ramsons 

11 Mar 2017

Korean Expert Invaded | An Apology to his wife, from Hestia

So, you will have seen the viral video of the Korean expert being invaded by his children.

It's hilarious, right?

And I - and many others - started joking about how the nanny/maid would be fired after that episode.

Except she's not his nanny, she is his wife.

His. Wife.

I made an assumption about that woman - and that man - based on this little bit of film and while I still think this footage is one of the funniest things I've ever seen, I am utterly ashamed of myself for making that judgement about this lady.

Jung-A-Kim is his wife.

Now, while she herself is probably none the wiser for any smart comment and hopefully finds the whole thing as hilarious as the rest of us,  I stereotyped this woman in under two minutes from this clip.

Yet I believe myself not to be a bigot.  And yet I made a hideously bigoted assumption.  I can't tell you how ashamed of myself I am.

Maybe you think that I'm over-reacting and there is no real harm done. At what point does unintentional bigotry tip into REAL harm done - the same moment as intentional bigotry.

Ashamed enough that I have to apologise in public.

I have learned my lesson, I promise you.

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