6 Jun 2015

Hestia .... Creative Day 2

Friday started off completely miserable weather-wise.

So, I did too.

I dragged a very reluctant Nero out for a walk.  He padded along beside me, every fibre of his being screaming:  'Turn back! Turn back! This is no place for a dog with no body fat!! I want my breakfast, you sadistic, mad middle-aged THING.'

I, of course, was not listening to his fibres.

I was too busy brooding:

"This 30 day art projekt thing is a completely ridiculous idea," thought I. "However, I have told my dear reader that I'm going to do this for 30 days, so 30 days it is...."

So, that was that.  I was committed To The Cause.

The day was tricky - it wasn't just facebook keeping me glued to the screen. There has been an issue with a client's website that I had not a clue how to fix - a plug-in mysteriously stopped working - and I have been liaising with a lovely man called John at Easy Digital Downloads who has, today, shown me how to fix it.  So it now works.  Yay!

I was in a more relaxed frame of mind as the afternoon hove into view; with skies more leaden than a church roof and windier than a small boy after beans.

Because the weather was positively wintry, I did a bit of coffee drinking and reading in between fiddling around with internet stuffs:

Book on the left is mine, book on the right is the Library's.  If you are not a member of your local library, I would recommend that you join up right away.  I've been a member of a library since I was four years old.  Other than my family, it's probably been the most consistently reliable thing in my life:  A library will never let you down.

And yes, that IS my yoga mat that I'm using as a backdrop for the books. Books on a yoga mat.  That's how I roll ... *rebel till I DIE face*

Anyway, after reading about the experimental ways to do flowers, I thought that I would have a bash at lupins.  I can't do flowers - experimental or otherwise.

This is the result. If these look like lupins to you, I have succeeded.  I didn't even use watercolour paper because I was just mucking about. Why I decided to include my watercolours in the photo is a brain-farty mystery. These have CLEARLY been done by me and not downloaded from the internetubes.  Maybe that's what I was trying to prove: My paintbox, my daubings on the cave wall :)

The weather perked up for a little bit, so I went out with my camera and took a photo of my first Papaver Orientalis:

This will be turned into a watercolour over the weekend.  The rain came on with a vengeance and now the poppy is as tired and emotional-looking as a hen party on the plane back from Ibiza.

I'll show you the painting on Monday.

I bet you cannot.  wait.

Have a great Saturday and Sunday!


  1. They do look like lupins! :) Can't wait for the purty red flower :D

    1. All will be revealed on Monday ... *wonders how it will turn out* :-D

  2. Looking forward to the poppy. You do have some interesting similes in this one, mostly of the windy sort, but very funny. Hope you do get something that passes for summer weather there at some point before September....

  3. They look *exactly* like lupins. Not my lupins, of course, since mine are all covered up and over by some kind of grey furry bug things ..

    1. oooh that doesn't sound good. Have you tried the spray bottle filled with soapy water?


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