17 Nov 2014

Hestia's....red scarf matches....

So we've been away for the weekend, visiting Tartarus's sister in Aberdeen.  It's all very exciting - a niece about to give birth and a brother in law who is about to pass kidney gravel!

It was a lovely visit with plenty in the way of good eating and even a trip to the shops on Saturday to think about Christmas presents.  Yes, CHRISTMAS PRESENTS!!!! *hyperventilates into brown paper bag*

3 Nov 2014

Hestia completes...a Digital Sabbath

Darling Tom
I was feeling a bit trepidatious on Saturday night as I switched off all my electrical goodies: Would I be able to make it through 24 hours of no computery, ipaddy, internetty lolcat access?

One part of me said yes, the other part of me said: "Let's go look up 'success rates for Digital Sabbaths on the internet' before we do anything too hasty".

1 Nov 2014

Hestia and....The Digital Sabbath

It's amazing what turns up
when you google 'jesus and a laptop'
I know, it seems like my ancient religions are getting mixed up.  What's the Greek goddess of the hearth doing thinking about any kind of Sabbath? Surely it should be carefree debauchery all the way for me - sex, satyrs and sacrifices?

21 Oct 2014

Hestia and Sonshine.... watch The Kitchen

The Clapham Boys
So if you enjoy the insanity of Gogglebox (where you watch (on TV) people watching TV) have you tuned into The Kitchen?

It's on BBC2 and is sort of like Gogglebox, but with food.

The cameras follow a wide variety of families as they eat their way through their lives.  You can meet the Barry-Powers in Wales.  A blended family with several grown up children and a dog that comes out and in the kitchen window.

The Mitchell-Cotts who have named all their children after plants live in a sprawling (gorgeous) old farmhouse where their brood live a Swallows and Amazons life while their frazzled father does the cooking.

16 Oct 2014

Hestia...has a Cheap Date

Despite how it looks, it tasted BRILLIANT
See how the sauce has reduced down by LOADS?

The joy of having two butchers' shops in town is that when you spot something unusual nestling amongst the sausages and beef olives, there's usually a cheery soul in a white coat who can tell you how to cook it.

This is what happened on Friday when I moseyed into MacQueen's and spotted a frisbee-sized portion of....something interesting.  That 'something' turned out to be a jointed oxtail.  Well, strictly speaking COW'S TAIL.  But let's not quibble.  It was, David assured me, a very tasty cut of meat. Which seems to be the case with the inexpensive cuts, I think; the hard-working muscles (such as an ever-flicking tail) are most delicious - but they need aeons of time to cook them.

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