16 Jun 2015

Hestia... #FAIL

Yesterday, Monday,  I had a lot of very fine intentions which all went to pot as I hovered over the computer awaiting a client's e-book to go live so that I could get the tweeting scheduled and be on hand to help iron out any glitches.

Which meant that I was never more than 30 minutes away from the computer.

Which is not conducive to anything particularly creative.  Although I was, I think, useful as far as the book is concerned - which makes the #fail a bit more bearable.

But only just.   So, there you go - yesterday (Day 12) I failed :-D

I AM reading Vivienne Westwood's autobiography, which is actually very enjoyable.  The book is a curious combination of (what looks to me) like VW speaking to the author verbatim: Sentences half-finished, thoughts that digress away from the topic in hand .... and quite lengthy complex, well-thought out discussions on politics etc.

At the moment, I'm at the Malcolm McLaren years.  And what a strange character he was.  Even to her.  Especially to her.  I don't particularly like him - he comes across as needy and selfish, promoting his work and downplaying VW's role in realising that work.

Anyway - it's a jolly good read!

Today got off to a better start when my Ebil Twin, Ania, posted me a gorgeous book called A Celebration of Light.  An optimistic gift that encourages me to keep going with the ol'watercolours :-D

So today is Day 13 and I'm counting settling down with the new book as something creative :-D

I think that to get through these 30 days, I need to do very small things that I can do within about 20 minutes - maybe a sketch? a tiny watercolour?

Suggestions for 20 minute arty projects welcome :-D


  1. Arranging a vase of fresh flowers :D

  2. Or you could count it as a success if you work on a project for 20 minutes, even if you don't finish it on the day. I'm drawing some tarot cards at the moment (to use as illustrations for my ebook, meditations and presentations for webinars etc) Mostly, I need 45 minutes for sketching, and then at least as long for colouring in photoshop. But so long as I do a bit every day, I count it as a win, though it might take me a week to finish a card ;)

  3. make a birthday card for the next person you know with a birthday? I make collage ones..... can watch TV at the same time!!x


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