1 Jun 2015

Hestia is ... glad she grew up in the 70s

So, have you ever googled yourself?

My real name brings up a whole load of other namesakes, most of whom look like very interesting women, it has to be said.  One is determined to overlook the hideous folk song however....

Anyhoo, I googled my blog alter-ego, Hestia, and OMG (as the kids say!) it brought up this....

This is Hestia, apparently.  I know.  It's so NOT me.

I thought anime was all Sonic The Hedgehog, Pikachu and Marine Boy

The blog that I stumbled upon where I found this image says:

"After figure company Kotobukiya released of the body of their Hestia prototype figure shortly after the premiere of Danmachi, they finally released pictures of the colored pre-painted figure this morning. After the excitement behind the original unfinished one, the pre-painted figure features Hestia in her most popular outfit with her trademark ribbon. The figure features a beautiful airbrushed paint job, a delicate sculpt, and defined facial details."

Yep, it IS her defined FACIAL DETAILS that really stick out.....

Here's a rear view, just so that you can see what the figure is like, erm, all the way round....

Now, just incase you think that I am about to spout forth like the wizened old witch that the folk song says that I truly am...let me assure you that I CAN appreciate how this figurine is amazingly well done, but .... and isn't that quite the 'butt'? ....

*transforms into wizened old witch erumpent*

See how she has an incredibly child-like face (anime faces are like baby animals) partnered up with this pneumatic (utterly unrealistic - sorry boys!) body - it makes me feel all kinda shades of WRONG.

Who buys these things? Kids? Collectors?

Let's assume that it's kids:  Girls first:  Take a look at a typical teenage girl's social network page and THIS is the look that she aspires to.  I see it on Sonshine's classmates' pages. They put their foreheads close to the camera to maximise the upper part of their face - get the big doe eyes - and do the tiny pouty mouth.

Boys: Do we really want boys growing up associating big tits with children's faces?   Do we want them thinking that these are what women's bodies are really like? 

And if it is adults collecting these? I don't even want to think about what sexual jollies they get off on .... *shudders* 

Thank FUCK I grew up in the 70s when all you had to worry about was how blue your eye-shadow was, how many yards of cheap tartan fabric you could sew onto your clothes without your parents grounding you, how wide your flares were and how orthopedically clumpy your platforms could be.

Pic: Spaceghetto
I am not either of these two girls, but THAT is the much-missed
Glasgow Apollo (purple glittery interior, folks)
Those were the days - Bay City Roller Days.
Mine was Les or Eric. I wasn't fussy.
Also - I promise you that I'll be keeping a closer supervisory eye on our household's sole Cartoon Network Viewer.

Anime sure is a lot different to what I thought it was ...


  1. Can't catch my breath from laughing so hard... :D

  2. Mmm..... just don't google manga.....!!x

  3. Mmm..... just don't google manga.....!!x

  4. The Japanese are a law unto themselves. Today's girls are too self-obsessed to copy an anime character...

  5. The Japanese are just weird.


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