15 Jun 2015

Hestia's Creative Weekend

I find that gin also helps ....
Creative Day 9

So, it was all going swimmingly on Friday - did my creative burst in the garden with some plants and then settled down to make Gnocchi for dinner.

And then our burglar alarm went off....

Reader, I would like to tell you that it was a minor blip in a lovely day, but it took up the whole of Friday evening to try to get it sorted out.  And I discovered one thing - there is no Emergency Weekend Electrician service on the island.

With some judicious turning off and on at the mains, we managed to get the chirruping in the house to stop.  Eventually. Which was great.  But the outside light was strobing.  Not so great for the neighbours - but hey, I phoned EVERYONE that I could think of, even the local cop shop and no one could help me.  So we all slept in Studio 54 ;-D

I made a tiny salad planter from two plastic dishes that I had bought cherries in.

Two coats of black acrylic inside the lower one.
Then some silly flowers and leaves to decorate the outside.
Then duct tape to act as a hinge between the two :)

It'll be in the bin by the end of the summer, I'm thinking  ....  (photo to follow - battery is flat in camera:))

Creative Day 10 and 11

This morning we reset the alarm a couple of times and the strobe light outside eventually went off.

So we're back to normal.  Mercury has just stopped being retrograde and I think I've been lashed by the tail end of his troubles because NOW the Hive unit for the central heating has stopped working *sigh*

Thank God Saturday is World Gin Day:

Why yes, it IS a very blurry picture... :-D
I decided for Day 10 and Day 11 to have another go at this picture from earlier in the week:

And got this:

I know.  It's still about as similar to the original as Katie Price's current boobs are to her originals, but it's allllll about the process, right?!

Have you created anything luffly over the weekend?

Or celebrated World Gin Day?


  1. Not into the gin, but did try out a lovely new Sauvignon Blanc.

    So sorry about the alarm nonsense. Must have been awful! It's probably part of what my writer's group call "resistance", where everything seems to conspire to keep you from your creative activities.

    I see that you powered through to your seascape watercolor. Nicely done! Your strength seems to be in the cloud bit (I don't care that it's not an exact copy, I just like the style). Beach is also well done. Need to work on the waves, I think. Water colors are not easy, from my limited experience.

    Go, Hestia!

    1. I think part of my problem (well, one issue amongst many!) is knowing which brush to use when! As soon as I started with the beach, I realised that I wasn't using the right brush. But hey ho - onwards and upwards. The sky is quite easy - just dab out the cloud with some scrunched up toilet tissue and some dirty water to add a bit of darkness and you are away :-D

  2. As usual, you under-rate yourself :) I like your shorescape :)

  3. Would anyone really go to all that bother to burglar you there? I thought the nearest you got to crime up there was someone pinching golf balls.


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