20 Aug 2015

Hestia ... and summer holiday bits and bobs

Sorry that I've been absent for most of the summer holidays, but as Sonshine grows older, there are fewer mildly amusing things to report.

Fewer, but not nothing at all....

This, ladies and gentlemen, is - according to Sonshine - A SHEFFIELD PONY!!!

Well-known for their cutlery-making abilities

 It is not only Sonshine who is still prone to a blooper.  Tartarus answered the phone for the millionth time the other night saying:

"It's like Pilladicky Circus in here!"

Henceforth, it SHALL be known as Pilladicky Circus :)

We've been busy - a week in Aviemore with hopalong Nero - whose walking is greatly improved.

We've been to the exotic south, to Birmingham, where we had an amazing apartment on Brindley Place (right in the thick of it!) and I gave a small presentation at TABI's Tarot Conference.  I won't tell you what it was about because if you are not interested in Tarot, it will be totally yawnsville.

Alright then, you totally twisted my arm:  How to read with reversed court cards.

*prods reader awake*

The weather over the summer has not been very good here in Scotland and we're hoping for an Indian Summer.  Up here that means 'lots of curries' :-D

School has now returned.  Tartarus has gone back to sea.  My life is once again my own.

How has the summer been for you?


  1. Sheffield ponies and Pilladicky Circus - yup, now that I've read it, that's how they'll be known in this house as well. Sonshine and Tartarus's influence has spread to Kirkcudbrightshire! It's lovely to see you back in blogland.

    1. Tartarus has some classics within his oeuvre - another classic was chandelabra. Took me ages to work out that it was not a real word. But not all candelabras and chandeliers are known as chandelabras :-D

    2. In my family they're called chan-delia-s. My mother was once corrected by an electrician and had to explain that it was a family joke!

  2. I always think of it as Piccalilli Circus :D Your talk at the Conference was very good - the best of the day IMO and DD enjoyed it :D

  3. it's been one day wet one day hot two days wet down south and as a lea I just can't live like this!!!x

  4. Summer has been hot and summery. But too short :(

  5. Ah, the joys of kids going back to school! Love the malapropisms :D Summer dahn sauth has been often grey and humid, when it wasn't actually raining. Still, enough sunny spells to make it bearable :) Sorry to have missed your talk, I remember loving the post you did on that subject on Tarot Thrones!


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