8 Oct 2010

Hestia and Tertarus ;-)

So, it's been a very busy week!

Went to see Juno on Sunday - not seen her for AGES - and other than the odd 'you never phone me and I'm sitting here alone' comment, it all went rather well.

On Monday I went to Glasgow to meet up with a fellow Tarotist - just for an hour, but very worthwhile indeed.

On Tuesday, at last, I got the new ring resized - will put up a picture of it.  And Sonshine, Nibbles and I wended our weary way home to the island.

Wednesday - cleaning operations commenced.  Really, I say this EVERY time Tertarus is due home, but I MUST become a bit more domesticated.  Even *I* get frustrated by the piles of crap left around.  I am blaming my creative gene, but surely there must be creative and TIDY people out there?!  If there are, bugger off, it's MY excuse and I'm sticking to it.

Thursday - the Day of Tertarus's return.  The house is still a midden.  I am now nearly 3 veg boxes behind and the flies in the kitchen are assuming Old Testament proportions.  I have the Vapona out on an hourly basis and dumped my recycling bin out on the back step.

We get the call from Tertarus - Glasgow Airport for 6pm.

I do a quick calculation - I need to be on the 4pm ferry.  I have not hoovered the stairs nor drained the fetid mush out of the salad drawer in the bottom of the fridge.

Sonshine then decides to make a volcano.  In the kitchen.  With Vinegar.  And Bicarbonate of Soda. 

What a fugging mess. 

I was so exasperated that I could not even swear at him - just blinked mutely at the hitherto gleaming work surfaces and the white powdery clouds on the carpet tiles.

I clean and clean and clean and still there is something that needs doing.....I fling Sonshine into the car and we bolt for the ferry.  I have no jacket - but does not matter - weather is lovely.  I roll down window to hand over ferry tix.  Nae purse.  Nae Ferry Tickets.  Nae Chance of getting on.  As the cars start to board, I do a u-turn and zoom home to get the offending items.

Of course, the ferry waits for No Man (sometimes the ambulance though) and I had some more time to clean.  But I HAD to catch the 4.45pm boat or I would be completely fucked.

We did catch it, of course.  And hurtled our way up the M8 to the airport, checking my watch every 5 minutes and listening to Sonshine twittering away about dinosaurs drinking coffee and other such crap. I feigned interest convincingly and pulled into the airport.

Now, while we may be happy to punch you in the face if you try to blow up our airport - even if you are on fire - we are VERY unhappy about what has been done to our airport subsequently.  Roads closed, shuffled, altered...new lanes....there's a new drop off point every time I go.  Sonsine and I found ourselves corralled in an outside car park.  I could not be fagged going around again and we just parked and legged it to the terminal building.

It's a small airport really and within minutes of arriving in the international arrivals hall, my phone rang.  Tertarus had just picked up his case and could see us.....swear to God, Sonshine DID pee his pants when he saw his dad trugging his case along the corridor.

They threw themselves at each other.  I got a peck on the cheek.  Sonshine and he set about a wildly animated conversation and I sank into the background.  Surplus to requirements again.  I heaved a sigh of relief and wondered what his initial domestic inspection would uncover when we get home.

I realise with sinking heart that I've left the recycling bin, with its colony of flies sitting on the back step.  Oh well, too late to do anything about it now.  And we all head for the car and home......

PS - do not google 'calmac pix' with your son leaning over your shoulder.  I cannot BEGIN to tell you what pops up on page 3 of google images, but it's got bugger all to do with Caledonian MacBrayne's boats *shocked face*


  1. Oh my gosh that had me laughing out loud!! I like that when in panic mode you too ignore all other waffling on! And the punch in the face comment was genius!!
    I hope that hubby made up for a measly peck on the cheek too.
    Have a wonderful weekend xx

  2. You are funny as hell. I love this phrase: "and the flies in the kitchen are assuming Old Testament proportions."

    SB adores you! Have a great weekend.

  3. I've spluttered coffee all over the keyboard.Missed your posts this week.
    Glasgow airport is a nightmare we left our car there last year and I couldn't find the parking bit kept driving round and round.
    Great excitement in the terminal building though when the kids saw the 'Prayer Room' -you don't get that at Newcastle airport,though it didn't exactly inspire this reluctant flyer with confidence....
    Have a great weekend!

  4. And I thought you were off on an exotic holiday. I usually get stuck trying to get home. No wallet and no money is not a very good situation with a ferry to catch. I've missed your posts, so glad to see you back.

  5. Oh Al, you make me laugh! I hope he appreciates you last ditch efforts!

  6. Dear Ali, the veg boxes are still making me laugh. I'd have had a fit if he'd messed up the kitchen when I'd just cleaned it. Hope you're having a lovely week xx


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