31 Oct 2010

Hestia and ......Samhain

Just a brief note as it's been pretty busy here today because it's a) Hallowe'en and b) Samhain

Everyone knows about the former - kids dressed up as Dracula conning sweeties out of you by telling hideously ancient jokes or maybe even singing a song.  Warning: Don't turn up here and expect to go Dooking For Apples without having to do some kind of a turn, mister. I am a HARD Hallowe'en taskmaster :-)

Samhain might be a bit less familiar.  It's one of the 8 main celebrations on the Wheel of The Year and it's actually my favourite one.

This is the time to see what needs to be cut out or removed from your life - got toxic friends? bad habits? unhappy memories? This is the perfect time of year to start casting them aside.

AFter all the trick or treaters have gone, we sit down to dinner.  I set an additional place at the table and dish out the food and also a glass of wine.  This setting represents all those whom we love who are not here to dine at our tables any longer.

I spend the time with Sonshine regaling him with stories of my dad, showing him pictures of his grampa...I make sure that my father's memory becomes a memory for my son - thereby keeping him alive in our hearts.  Even Tertarus gets out the old black and white pix of his parents.  It's a lovely evening, many remembered good times tinged with sadness.

Once Sonshine has gone to bed and Tertarus has got himself in front of the TV with a glass of wine, I will carry out my own private ritual - nothing very exciting, just blessings to those beyond the veil and an offer of wine (that extra glass of wine set out for dinner) to the Lord of the Underworld. I'll draw a few Tarot cards and then come back indoors to the warmth...and work up my Tarot reading for myself.

I've been busy yesterday - I made this animoto film for Will Worthington's website.  Will is quite a big wheel in the Tarot art world and I'm lucky enough to be handling his website for him.

I've not a clue why some of the images seem to be squint in the film as they are all perfectly ok on my computer!

Samhain Blessings to you all - take a little time tonight to work out what you can benefit from cutting out of your life....and let me know what you do for Samhain!


  1. This one is my favourite and I too honour the ancestors and those who have passed.
    My personal ritual is tonight (my birthday tomorrow) so mine is very much about releasing and rebirthing.
    Our group meets to celebrate here next weekend on the old date for Samhain in Ireland.
    Blessings to you and yours.

  2. I had not heard of it until now. I think in future I'll try to keep it and engage with it more

    For now though I am going to take some time to remember those who have passed. This week I've already started thinking about what matters to me. I've decided to let go worrying about things that don't matter to me really.

    Thanks for sharing your ritual. It sounds very special.

  3. I don't do anything for it - being the ignorant soul that I am, I had no idea! Well, I'm not entirely ignorant because I have heard of it, I just didn't know exactly what was involved. Your meal and ritual sound wonderful.

  4. Dear Ali, that's a wonderful thing to do. I should do something similar.

    It was interesting to learn what each animal card represents.

    I will definitely take you to the new local when you come to London. Let's catch up properly soon xx

  5. How fascinating,it all makes very good sense.
    Unfortunately,this morning I'm thinking its probably the vino that I should cut out!

  6. have a good samhain. got me thinking about my own cutting. thank you.

  7. brilliant......have never heard of this, thank you for sharing it, I guess remembering the dead is like the day of the dead.....I once journeyed to Mexico for it with a 2 year old in tow, but that's a whole other story....will definately think long and hard of that which I need to cut out and let go of......

  8. Mrs YaH - look forward to hearing about Mexico jaunt ;-)

    Polish Chick - Cutting is good. Think of it as pruning out the dead stuff :-)

    NS - wine is NEVER being given up!

    Christina - will phone you on Tuesday, if at all possible, to catch up with you :-)

    Alex - rituals are not necessary, but I find them useful (in all sorts of capacities!) to help me get my head in the right place for the task that is required of me!

    Siobhan - sounds like you've got it sussed already! Well done :-)

    Jane - Oh, I'm so late - happy belated birthday!!


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