4 Sep 2010

Hestia loves...Fee Doran

Who? WHO?!  Oh believe me, you might not recognise the name, but you sure as heck will recognise her work!

Remember this?

Well, Fee Doran is the designer behind the label Mrs Jones and THAT jumpsuit was one of hers.

She's featured over at Fashion's Most Wanted in an interview. And what an interview!  If you're sitting with a cup of coffee and a kitkat and looking for something to read, get your tail over to Fashion's Most Wanted and fill your boots!

Don't say I'm not good to you......


  1. Christina's post to totally awesome, and so are you for highlighting it! This is what I love about the blogging world, "almost" everyone is so generous with credits, compliments.
    Thank you for coming by to see my today. Sending xx's from Texas....

  2. Dear Ali, thank you SO much. I'm so glad it was worth the wait. Fee is so thrilled with all the lovely comments! xx

  3. Hello Love,
    Thank you for that. We got a lot in common it seams. I read a comment you left about a little boy but i thought you where baby sitting for some reason. My heart goes out to you. Its not easy is it. You to sound like a wonderful lady yourself xxx


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