1 Sep 2010

Hestia's favourite men

Someone actually sent me an e-mail asking me about Tertarus.  Of course, I haven't told him.  He would be utterly unbearable to live with.

But I have to say that Tertarus's pic won't be making an appearance on the blog.

He'd go mad. 

Anyway, here are some of my favourite men.

Mr Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters - funny and sexy.

Mr George Clooney. Dreaming about this man has kept me sane during many a tedious meeting.

Nicked from Fashion's Most Wanted's blog :-)
Quirky, funny, sensitive and, frankly, just a bit odd.  Mr Depp is one of my favourites.  Looook at those cheekbones!

Hugh Jackman.  What else is there to say?  If you can't see it, I can't explain it.....

 So, you're probably thinking that Tertarus looks like the above. Wrong.  He actually looks more like this:
Duncan Bannatyne

After being hit in the face several times with one of these:

 But I love him anyway ;-)


  1. I was with you all the way on the first four :D

  2. Great pictures and warm and funny? You spoil us with your blog.

  3. I am going to do a response post to this I think!

  4. I think I am with you on all of them ... especially Johnny xx

  5. To be fair to my other half, Tertarus doesn't think that he resembles the curmudgeonly Dragon, DB. But I do.

    I have an ex-BF who is the spit of Iggy Pop, but we never say that to his face because he's about 30 years younger than Mr Pop and he gets a bit upset about it.

    *whispers* but he really does look like him......

    Ali x

  6. Ha ha I love it, Gorgeous George is indeed great in meetings! Love the post. Hummm my wish list is very much like that - plus Daniel Craig. Yum xx

  7. I am catching up on my blogging and love the men, especially the Gorgeous George - can see Duncan too though much to my horror - did post my other half's pic but only with shades on xx

  8. You crack me up. And I really dig your choices in men. I love Hugh Jackman. Dude is just so nice.

    Love you,


  9. OMG, We have the same taste in men ! Other than the last one he scares me a bit, sorta strict looking. though i get what you see in him.
    Its really weird ive been gathering man pics to do a man blog. (ive got some weird ones as you can imagine)
    Great minds think alike (about men)

  10. Great post, really made me smile :)

    Daydreaming about George has kept me happy for many an hour....

    Loved "One Day"....my favourite book of the year :)

  11. Simone - it's a fab book, isn't it! So glad to see that you've read it.

    Mrs Jones - wow! Thank you for stopping by! Just read your interview with Christina and it was FABULOUS. I may have developed a girl crush :-)

    Sarcastic - Hugh Jackman is utterly gorgeous. I couldn't decide which photo from google pix to use. They were all tasty :-)

    Mrs P - Duncan Bannatyne is my secret crush. Would I? Yes, I would!

    Butterfly - oh this isn't my ENTIRE list, DC is on my list too. Especially in trunks.

    Ali x

  12. Tammy and I share your lust for Johnny Depp. You can keep Clooney.


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