16 Aug 2013

Hestia...and Sonshine's debut into S2

Every single year I have posed Sonshine on the front step and snapped him in his sparkly clean school attire.  It's the smartest he looks all year.

Yesterday was Back To School day for us up here on the West Coast.  Should have been Wednesday, but it clashed with Show Day and so some In Service Day magic was conjured up.


Yesterday we did not take the photo because some pals turned up and it is clearly Uncool to be photographed by your mother (still in her jammies) and half past eight in the morning.

As a Leo, I am BIG on tradition - so he had to get a photo when he came home.  Under protest, of course.

First Day: S2

Not so well-groomed at home time, eh?  

Loving having the house to myself.  Well, myself and Nero, of course!

When does school go back for you?


  1. i'm a pisces, so i don't know what that means, but i do loves me some tradition as well.

    for me, school starts on the 9th. and, because i finish my fabulous summer job on the 30th, i decided to treat myself to a solo road trip out west to the ocean. can't wait!

    congrats on the dog show, btw!

  2. Mine go back on 5th Sept. What is 'S2' ?

    1. I'd guess "Senior 2" - what used to be known as 2nd Form/Year in our day, now less helpfully as Year 8.

  3. Our bunch of semi-ferals came back for Term 3 only 3 weeks ago. Only 6 more weeks to go.

  4. We still have a couple of weeks to go before peace and quiet :)

  5. Hi there Hestia, I have fallen off the bloggie bandwagon what with school hols and all, but had to say I love your back to school photos, think it is a great tradition. Boy 1 goes back on Wed and like Sonshine he is going into Y8. I think he has forgotten how to write. how is the son to mum height ratio going? Boy 1 is still a big shorter than me but it won't be long. I am getting horribly nostalgic and keep regaling the boys with stories of their younger days, it has just gone so fast...

  6. He still looks adorable, and tradishun is tradishun! :) Mine just went back on Thursday. Saw a cartoon of a school bus with a 'First Day of School' banner and mum's dancing on the lawns, titled "The Real Mother's Day" :D


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