8 Jun 2012

Hestia and Blackpool rocks!

We went to Blackpool for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.  The place is rammed with Union flags anyway, so I figured that there would be SOMETHING there worth taking Sonshine to see.

But before we get to that, I must inform you, dear reader, that the vandalism thing was cleared up on Saturday morning.  He was up and clothed from 8am, standing at the window, waiting for the Meerkat's dad to materialise with thinners and solvents.  By lunchtime it was all good as new.  Much to Sonshine's relief.

Anyway, back to today's tale.


We booked into The Big Blue Hotel which is, um, a big blue hotel right in front of the Pleasure Beach.

This was the view from the window:

Don't feel sorry for me.  This is excactly the view that I requested - the rollercoasters.  The Red line running through the image is part of The Big One, the highest rollercoaster in the UK. the wooden track just dipping into shot top right is part of The Big Dipper - my alltime favourite ride there.  And the track round the bottom belongs to the little train.

I love the noise of the cars rattling over the rollers...I love the excited screams.   I have NO idea why I live on a very quiet little Scottish island if this is my idea of a great day out.

Lots of people hate Blackpool.  They hate the jingo-tastic t-shirt wearing baldies who run dogs of dubious character.....the barely dressed fake tans who teeter along the prom in strippers shoes and tiny dresses, even with the wind howling in from the Irish Sea.

Well, that's a bit like blaming Bet Lynch for not being Maria Callas.  It is what it is.  And it does it VERY well.   As someone who lives in a small seaside town that struggles to keep businesses going, I look at their achievements with envy.

And it IS beautiful. Look:

OK - in the harshness of daylight the businesses on the prom look a bit like an elderly courtesan, but the promenade itself has been overhauled and provides a glorious place to walk/cycle etc.

Look at the beach!

We've found some excellent resaurants - the cafe in the middle of Stanley Park serves fabulous cakes.

And look at their strawberry milkshakes!

We had lots of gos on the roller coasters - I'll post up the candid photos tomorrow, along with our Jubilee party night pix.

What did you do for the Jubilee yourself?


  1. It looks brilliant! And I love that last picture!

    1. Siobhan - wait until you see the snap shots from the roller coaster cameras!

      Ali x

  2. Go on, admit it, it's the cakes wot won the day.

  3. Enjoy yourselves. Eat whelks and potted shrimps.
    But not before a roller-coaster ride.

    Blackpool reminded me not so much as an ageing courtesan, as an ageing courtesan with tertiary syphillis.

    Make sure you wash your hands very well.

  4. Oooh good photos. I live near Great Yarmouth which is just the same. Some stunning architecture and a nice clean beach. The tacky bit is what it is - however £2 in coppers is great fun on the waterfalls trying to win a Smurf keyring. And why is fake tan orange these days???? Stripper shoes - hats off to anyone who can walk in skyscraper shoes, that takes serious talent & bravery. I'd be in A&E in minutes with a broken ankle.
    Glad you had a fab time, rollercoasters rock!! xx

  5. Sometimes a tacky resort is just what you want. I've never been to Blackpool, but I can appreciate that there is beauty everywhere.

  6. no better way than to celebrate beside the seaside....with cake of course...I went to Dorset to wish my goddaughter happy 7th birthday and take in the sea air and eat red-white-and-blue cake and get a sore throat that turned into a cold that resulted in bed rest for the last 2 days and still hasn't gone.... that'll teach me to go to the country!!!x


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