11 Jun 2012

Hestia and roller-coaster stuff

Each time we visit Blackpool's Pleasure Beach, we push our comfort envelope a little more.  Last year, the Avalanche bobsleigh run was me, basically, flat out.

The cars run on rollers, so there is, other than the forces of nature, NOTHING stopping you from plummeting to the tarmac far, far below.

So this was me last year:

Granted, it's not my best look.  But we loved the way Sonshine was leaning into the action and the look of terror on my face.  Tartarus thought it was hilarious and the photo was duly purchased.

I have had my revenge......

Note: Sonshine loves it just as much this year as last year.  Tartarus less so.  Me?  Thought it was hilarious and photo was duly purchased. *evil cackle*

Here's me and Sonshine on the Big Dipper.  Twice.

Look - you can actually SEE that I've had my tonsils removed in this one.  That was my first ever time on the Big Dipper, a wooden roller-coaster.  And it was fab.  So fab we got off and queued again for a second time.  And then in the evening, at the Jubilee Do, I went on a third time.  

I am more relaxed on it this third time around.  I have had an alcoholic beverege.  Or two.

Do you like roller-coasters?  I do.

But not ones 200 feet up in the air.  Which is what Tartarus and Sonshine went on after this.  No photos.  Even Tartarus knew that to take a photo when you were high enough up to see the Isle of Man could only lead to imminent teeth-knocking out and possibly vomit-splatter.

Jubilee pix next time around :-)


  1. great photos - they seem to capture the energy of the experience :D

    1. Thanks Emma! I did feel VERY energised when I was there - like ANYTHING was possible. Now that I'm home again, that feeling has dissipated!

      Ali x

  2. Absolutely hilarious! I do love the revenge shot of the hubby. You do seem to handle it better with a beverage or two beforehand. I bow to your intrepid nature, however. I literally cannot stomach the rollercoaster ride--even had trouble with a small train ride at Disneyland once. Totally hopeless.

    I do think the best bit is your son's ecstatic expression in all cases...my children are like that on rollercoasters, too. They get that from their dad, though, not me!

  3. Those are terrific photos. Sonshine looks so happy!

    I love Blackpool, my nan used to live there and we went regularly as kids. Your mention of Stanley Park in the previous post brought back some memories. In fact, both these posts have made want to take a trip there soon!

  4. Nice revenge shot. I'd be hurling if that was me. Never sit behind me on a roller coaster

  5. What a fun mum you are - I'm too cowardy custard to go on a roller coaster. I love Sonshine's leaning - did he have his knee down? He'll be tearing up the TT in five years time! You're all a bunch of dare-devils! xxx

  6. You lucky things.

    I love rollercoasters, but my Beloved doesn't and with our offspring all grown up and being too cool to do such "silly" things, I'm left on my own.

    It's no fun on a rollercoaster on your own.

    Have a couple of rides for me please, and keep the happy pics coming.

  7. I LOVE the photos. You don't let experience go past you Ali, which is very cool.

    I love rollercoasters, the bigger (and faster) the better. Sadly, my husband is very afraid of them.

  8. Fortunately for me, for the moment the carousel at the local fun fair is still excitement enough for Big Boy, cos that's about my speed, too ;D

  9. These are excellent pictures. You were right I do love them.


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