25 Apr 2013

Hestia says..... TADAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!

I know.  I am battering on through the projeks with the relentlessness of a Keanu Reeves facial expression..... but feast your eyes on THIS!!!!!

The Hall - with the two crappy panels

Realising that puttying in the temporary glass was probably a Big Mistake

So we stopped and 'ad a cup of tea.

Right, said Tartarus..... help me get the glass out

After a lot of gentle hammering - which takes skill lemme tell you - the glass was out

The frame was reputtied (not a real word)
and the new glass panel was inserted!

I leaves a messij for footyoor jenerations


(looking from the front of the door)

From the inside looking out

Now, I've just got the other one to do.........


  1. It looks fablas. You can come and do my door any time :)

    1. Are you prepared to wait about 3 years to actually get your glass panel?! :-)

  2. Wow, it looks great and it must give you great satisfaction to see a job well done.

    1. Thank you Patience! I'll be happy once I've got the other window in place. Hopefully the second panel won't take as long as the first panel. And then I've got some lovely little glass projects to do in the back sitting room - earth, air, fire, water and spirit panels for 5 windows in the main window there. Looking forward to them because I will be able to make whatever I like!

  3. I think that is absolutely amazing - such a lovely job. Well worth all the blood you spilt :D
    What is the yellow thing in the corner by the lamp ?

  4. That is Beautiful!

    *massive round of applause and whooping from oop north*

  5. It's beautiful, and infintely more so because you made it. You need to make the most of the light up there and that will a constant source of joy for everyone who steps across that threshold.

  6. Wow, you did an amazing job, Ali!! Do you take commissions? :D


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