4 Mar 2013

Hestia's Red Nose

Red Nose Day is almost upon us again and I'm slightly ahead of my usual last-minute curve and have set up an account to raise money.

This could be the ONLY chance you ever get to see One Direction on my blog.  I've put up the film so that you, my other reader who is not based in the UK, can see what the fund-raising is for.

And money is spent on children in the UK - young carers at the like.  Warning: you may have a little weep.

I'm offering Tarot readings, but of course, Tarot isn't everyone's cup of tea - you don't HAVE to have a reading, you can just make a wee donation via paypal or your credit card.

My goal is to raise £50, but two very kind friends have already got that up to £40 for me, so this year I'd really, really, love to raise £100 via the official Red Nose page.

I am part of an army, raised by author and all round good egg Emma Kennedy.  Her goal is to have her Twitter team raise £1m.  

And now, to cheer everyone back up again, Smithy and his pals:

So, if you are planning to donate - I'd love it if you did it via me :-)


  1. Umm, am probably being dense, but where's the linky, please? :D

    1. oh dear, there should have been two links to the same page on this blog post - and I've made sure that they work now! Thanks for pointing that out, Chloe!!!! :-D

      I'm at £65.00 at the moment and hope to raise £100 :-)

      Ali x

  2. I raised £163.00 for Comic Relief! Thank you to the lovely friends who made donations! :-D

    1. Congratulations! What a great haul for the charity, and for those who got readings. And I hope you had fun doing them, too! I love a good win-win situation :D


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